Title Loans & Registration Loans Buckeye, AZ

Title loans in Buckeye are a huge financial resource for borrowers who may not have the best credit history or who are looking to borrow without committing themselves to a drawn-out loan application process.

A title loan uses a borrower’s vehicle as collateral on a registration loan. This is a simple way to borrow that is much more convenient and doesn’t have as stringent credit requirement as a traditional loan.

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What potential borrowers need to do to apply for title loans in Buckeye, AZ

Getting title registration loans Buckeye from Velocity Cash is easy. The only thing potential borrowers need to do is visit us on our Velocity Cash website so that they can fill out our quick and simple application.

This online application will ask applicants a few important questions about their vehicle. We’ll need to know what the vehicle make and model is.

We’ll also need to know how old the vehicle is and how many miles are on it.

We need this information so that we can determine what the value of the vehicle is. Because the vehicle will function as collateral on any loans we offer, its value will help determine how much we are able to lend.

After applicants submit our application, we’ll look over the application and get back to them with a response.

If we are able to offer a loan, we’ll send the applicant the loan terms and the applicant can then decide whether he or she wishes to proceed with taking out a registration loan from us.

Legal regulations that apply to title loans Buckeye, AZ

The government of the state of Arizona regulates some characteristics of Buckeye title loan. The state determines how much interest can be charged on title loans depending on how much is being borrowed.

A title loan in Buckeye can have numerous interest rates. For the first $500 that is loaned, the APR can not be any higher than 204 percent. From $500 to $2,000, the maximum APR on a title loan is 180 percent.

From $2,000 to $2,500, the APR must reach no higher than 156 percent. Lastly, any funds that are loaned over $2,500 can not be charged at an interest rate of any higher than 120 percent.

The state government of Arizona doesn’t only limit the maximum APR on title loans in Buckeye. The government also limits how high late fees.

Late fees on an Arizona title loan can’t be any higher than 5 percent of the loan’s leftover unpaid balance for a particular installment on the registration loan.

Another important thing to consider is that borrowers must have at least ten days to pay their installment after due date before any late fee can be applied.

Creating a detailed title loan payoff calculator is a good idea to stay on top of payments, even with installment loans online.

Ways that consumers can benefit from title loans in Phoenix

There are numerous benefits to title loans for consumers. The following are just four of the many benefits title loans in Phoenix offers:

  • They’re straightforward and easy to calculate- It’s easy to determine exactly what and when you’ll be paying back with simple title loan calculator calculations.
  • Requirement for being approved aren’t hard to meet- Even those with poor or no credit or those who are unemployed can be approved.
  • Borrowers who get a loan against their car can allow their vehicle to multitask- Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle knows how expensive car ownership can be. With title loans, a vehicle can multitask by serving as a mode of transportation and loan collateral at the same time.

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