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Losing your job is devastating because it immediately puts an end to your current income.

Until you get a new position paying your old salary or more, things will change dramatically.

Cutbacks will need to be made, and some things may have to be cut off completely.

Add to that the worry you feel about not being able to afford certain things or pay your bills and the stress of trying to find a new job.

It’s a situation no one wants to be in, but there is something that can help you get through a temporary money crunch.

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Title & Registration Loans in and Near Fountain Hills, AZ

There are several possible options to get money when you need it in a hurry, but title loans from Velocity Cash are among the easiest and fastest. Just apply, be willing to use your car as collateral, and get a loan.

Because these registration loans use collateral, there is no need to run a credit check.

To qualify, applicants must be at 18 years old and have a source of income, which could be from their job, disability payments or another legitimate source. Applicants also need to own a car in their name.

Fountain Hills, AZ Title Loans Application

To apply for title loans in Fountain Hills, just type in your name and contact information, and provide details about your vehicle, such as its make and model.

That’s all you need get a quick registration loan quote, which is followed with a phone call from a Velocity Cash agent to discuss loan details.

You will set up a payment plan and provide information about your source of income. Later, take your car to a loan office for a quick inspection, sign the loan papers, turn over your title and get your money.

Cash loans for unemployed people are also available because the source of income needed to qualify for a title loan does not have to come from a job. It could come from unemployment benefits or another source.

Arizona Legal Information

  • There is no loan maximum
  • Lenders may charge up to five percent of the loan balance as a late fee when payments are more than 10 days overdue
  • Borrowers do not need a lien-free title to get a title loan in Arizona. State law allows people to get title loans if they give a security interest in the vehicle to the lender
  • Vehicles may be repossessed and sold when a borrower is in default on a loan against a car
  • Money made from the sale of repossessed vehicles goes to pay the lender the remaining loan balance, as well as any money the lender spent to repossess and sell the vehicle. If there is any money left from the sale after these costs, it goes to the borrower
  • Interest rates are capped as follows: 17 percent for loans under $500, 15 percent for loans between $501 and $2,500, 13 percent for loans between $2,501 and $5,000, and 10 percent for loans over $5,000


  • Title loans in Mesa and Fountain Hills, AZ take the hassle out of getting money when you need it quickly. You don’t have to go through the long process of a bank loan, which requires a lot of paperwork and a credit check. You don’t have to go to friends and family for money, hoping they will have it to lend and that they are willing to lend to you. With title loans in Fountain Hills, AZ, there is minimal paperwork and no credit check. You’re putting your vehicle up as collateral for the loan, and that’s all you need.
  • Title registration loan interest rates are calculated lower than payday loans and other forms of short term financing.

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