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If you have recently received some unforeseen bills or are in the process of making major repairs around the home, you are probably curious about title loans in Gilbert, AZ.

Often, people are reluctant to take out a loan when they don’t know how they work and what benefits they have to offer.

Well, the fact of the matter is, they can offer quick cash when you really need it and great interest rates.

As opposed to credit union loans or bank loans, you can get your cash in as little as a day or less from Velocity Cash.

You also don’t have to worry about being turned down because of your credit score.

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Our customers can also use their registration loan cash for any purpose they like. We don’t have spending restrictions like the banks.

Unlike banks, we offer a stress free application to make the experience simple, fast and hassle free.

To qualify for one of our title loans in Arizona, you’ll need to use your automobile as collateral to secure a loan.

Learning more about the application process, how our title loans work and the great benefits we offer can help you to see the advantages and get the money you need today.

What Is Involved in Getting Title Loans Gilbert, AZ?

In order to process loans faster at Velocity Cash, we have kept the application and loan process to a minimum.

For new customers, this means you’ll have to supply far less documentation than you would with a traditional bank, and you’ll experience faster registration loan approval.

Of course, you’ll also get your cash exceptionally fast, which is the best part of getting a title loan.

  • To begin your loan process, you’ll just need to fill out a very short online application form. Applying online helps us to process your loan faster. Don’t worry, the form only asks a handful of questions, and it takes most people no more than two minutes to complete.
  • Next, you’ll receive a phone call from a loan representative to discuss your loan needs, and he or she will explain how the process works.
  • To meet legal requirements, you will be presented with a contract written according to state regulations. It will include the total amount of the loan, interest rate, fees, payment schedules and minimum payment amounts.
  • As part of the loan closing process for title loans in Gilbert, you’ll need to hand the paper title of your vehicle to your loan representative. After making your final payment on the loan, you will receive your title back.
  • Upon the completion of the closing process, you receive your loan funds, which may be spent on any purpose you desire.

How Do Applicants Qualify for a Gilbert, AZ Title Loan?

  • New loan applicants will need to meet the minimum age requirement of 18 or older. You’ll also need to show proof of your age by presenting a state government identification card or a current driver’s license.
  • You must be the legal owner of any vehicle used as collateral for the registration loan. The car’s registration should show your name as the legal owner.
  • Vehicles used for loan collateral must be in running condition.
  • To close the loan, you are required to turn over the paper title of your automobile to qualify for title loans in Gilbert.
  • Vehicle titles must be in your name and cannot show an existing lien against the car.

What Kind of Benefits, Perks and Loan Features Could I Expect From Your Company?

  • Professional services.
  • High payouts.
  • Fast loan funds in 24 hours or less.
  • You may continue driving your vehicle as normal. No driving restrictions.
  • You decide how to spend your loan funds.
  • No credit qualifying.
  • No prepayment penalties or fees.
  • Free application and loan consultation.
  • Competitive interest rates.

How Much Money Can I Get Using My Car As Collateral?

Loan amounts can vary depending upon the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan. Vehicles of greater value and borrowers with higher incomes may receive higher payouts.

Our goal is to give you the highest amount possible for a loan, but we also want to make sure that the loan payments are affordable. In general, loan amounts could run from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars.

Automobiles with a large amount of equity and those in good condition with fewer miles tend to qualify for higher loan amounts.

Besides considering the overall condition of the car, we also rely on Kelly Blue Book for an average value based on the information you provide in the application form.

Do You Grant Loans to People That Are Unemployed?

At Velocity Cash, we go out of our way to grant title loans in Gilbert. We have in fact, given registration loans to folks that are unemployed.

Although each applicant may have their own unique set of circumstances, we can usually find an acceptable arrangement even if you are currently not working.

For example, you might just be in between jobs and already have a new job lined up with a start date. Perhaps, you are unemployed, but you’ll be receiving unemployment benefits, which could be used to qualify.

Will You Give Me a Loan Even Though the Bank Turned Me Down?

For the most part, banks have much tighter qualifying restrictions than we do. Even if you were turned down by a bank in the past based on your credit information, you’ll more than likely be approved for one of our loans.

To save time, qualify more borrowers and reduce the loan processing times, we don’t pull credit reports.

By supplying your automobile as collateral, we feel confident that you will follow through with your agreement and make your payments on time.

Are There Income Level Requirements?

Preferably, we would like every applicant to have some form of regular income to be able to pay back the loan. However, we are flexible when it comes to income, and we accept a number of different income sources such as:

  • Job income.
  • Social Security benefits.
  • Unemployment benefits.
  • Self-employment income.
  • Commission income.
  • Alimony.
  • Disability benefits.
  • Retirement income.
  • Welfare benefits.
  • Pension plan income.

How Can I Apply for a Loan?

To apply for a loan, you need to fill out our online application with a little personal contact info and your auto information. To complete the application you’ll need to fill in:

  • Your first and last name, a telephone number and your zip code.
  • The age and an estimate of your auto mileage in addition to the body style, make and model.

In less than a minute, you will receive a registration loan estimated from our title loan estimate calculator. You are free to accept the amount and proceed with the loan.

If you change your mind about applying, you are under no obligation to continue with the loan process. There are no application fees or loan consultation fees.

If you would like further information about getting a loan against your car or wish to consult with a loan representative, you can speak with your loan rep on the telephone.

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He or she will look at your income and make recommendations for a payment plan to suit your finances. You could also apply for bad credit installment loans.

Essentially, title loans in Phoenix, AZ are designed to be helpful, quick and easy from the start to the finish. If you need cash now, for any purpose, consider Velocity Cash title loans.

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