Registration Loans & Title Loans Phoenix, AZ

Everyone’s bound to face financial adversity at some point in their lives. The people you counted on most to be there for you won’t always have what you need to dig you out of the trenches, either.

Sometimes, we just need help — but where does one go for a little boost in times of need?

Velocity Cash is here to uncomplicate things for you and demonstrate why title loans Phoenix are not only the fastest, most flexible and affordable short-term lending solution, but also the easiest to obtain.

We know of the reputation that registration loan companies have garnered — it’s not pretty.

Many have been known for scamming, harassing and poorly managing their clients. Fortunately, not all of them are like this.

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Why Title Loans Phoenix?

When you’re trying to decide on the right loan for your needs, there’s only one question to ask yourself: Are you willing to temporarily part with your all-liens-paid, no-suspensions title that represents a motor vehicle in your legal possession?

If so, consider title loans Phoenix your one-stop answer for those upcoming bills.

Title registration loans impart the following benefits over payday, cash advance and other loan services:

  • Quick, simple and forgiving application process
  • Zero credit checks
  • Take loans as small as you need them or up to several thousands in cash
  • Rapid cash delivery, reaching your account within 24 hours or even the very same day
  • The most economical interest rates and fees, making repayment a cinch
  • Breathe-easy payment window
  • No consequences while the loan is out

You might be wondering, “But what about my car? I need that so I can get to work!” Fret not — we have no say over what you do with your car, motorcycle or boat while the loan is out, so we’re not interfering with anything.

All we’re doing is holding on to the title itself as collateral until we’ve been fully compensated.

Paying Phoenix, AZ Title Loans

After everything’s been paid off, you’ll receive the title back in its mint, pre-loan condition — no strings attached.

Other loan companies conveniently forget to tell you about the impact of their overhead charges, which can really add up the amount you owe them. This often results in paying back double or even triple the size of the original loan itself.

The whole reason you’re here now is because you need help — we’re supposed to make it easier for you, not harder!

For Velocity Cash, this is more than just a business: It’s a way of life. We keep our rates down to help you back up again.

Applying for Registration Title Loans Phoenix, AZ

This is where most loan companies trip up their would-be clients: long, needlessly complicated application forms that require research, double-checking, and all manner of hoop-jumping — just to find out that you’re not eligible!

That’s no way to thank a customer for their efforts, especially when they were just looking for some help.

Fortunately, our application is the easiest in the world. All we ask for is the following:

  • A phone number to contact you at
  • A name to call you by
  • Your ZIP code
  • The type, make, model and year of the motor vehicle that’s represented by the title you’re temporarily handing over
  • Estimated mileage for valuing purposes

After you’ve hit send and launched everything over to us, we’ll give it a once-over and have a representative reach you shortly at the provided number.

You’ll be provided with a free title loan estimate, and if you like what you see, we’ll need to gather some additional information to confirm your employment status and identity.

Once the title has been transferred into our hands, the registration loan money should pop up in your account within 24 hours or less. If you need assistance in streamlining your decision, we also offer a free title loan calculator to get the ball rolling.

The vehicle information we request is used in conjunction with your proof of income to generate an estimate of the maximum loan size you can carry out.

Title loans in Phoenix, AZ can only be carried out up to the fair market trade value of the motor vehicle that’s represented by the title that you offer us; however, if we feel that you can’t compensate us of the requested loan size in a timely manner, we are legally obligated to turn you down.

Phoenix Title Loan While Unemployed

Additionally, there are special cases where it’s possible to obtain a title loan even if you’re unemployed, have unsteady income, or if there are liens or suspensions imposed on the title in question.

You can also take out a title loan if you don’t have insurance on the vehicle that it’s attached to. However, Velocity Cash recommends the following to maximize your success in obtaining a loan as quickly as possible:

  • Readily available proof of solid, steady income
  • A legally acceptable form of ID
  • No suspensions imposed or payments due on the title to the relevant vehicle
  • No legal restrictions that may interfere with your ability to take registration loans

As you can see, the process of getting your foot in the door is rather forgiving. With no emphasis on your credit score, you’re almost certainly capable of taking out title loans Phoenix without a hitch!

Arizona Laws That Protect You

As a leading provider of title loans in Arizona, our company has kept with its oath of honesty, customer service and straightforwardness when telling you everything there is to know about safely acquiring and paying back your loan.

However, other loan companies have a less respectable reputation, and this is why strict laws have been developed to keep them in check.

Nonetheless, Velocity Cash is also bound to the laws that govern title loan distribution, so here are a couple basic laws for your consideration and peace of mind.

  1. Official Licensing
    In the state of Arizona, staff members under any title loan company must be licensed by the government in order to create and distribute title loans. This means that every customer relations representative you speak to has been legally documented in their line of work.
  2. The 10% Rule
    While it’s not likely to be an issue with title loan companies in particular, every lender still has the technical power to bump interest rates as high as they like. Fortunately, there’s a law that limits how high those rates can go — 10%, to be exact. Any lender that exceeds this figure for any reason, under any circumstance and for any length of time is liable for usury.
  3. Sealing the Deal
    Title loans may not serve a term window longer than 30 days, although it may be possible for the client to request a shorter time span, if they desire. However, once both parties have inked off their end of the agreement, it’s set in stone — there’s no fumbling the paperwork and modifying any term or condition.
  4. Repossession
    Normally, a title loan company that hasn’t received all requested payments in due time would repossess the debtor’s vehicle, since they legally hold the rights to the title. However, this repossession can’t take place any sooner than 30 days after the original payment term has ceded. This means that if you had an original payment window of 30 days, you have 60 days total to get everything caught up before your vehicle can be taken from you.
  5. Strict Regulation and Monitoring
    Arizona courts exercise strict punitive measures against lending firms that are found guilty of foul play. Since the law favors the client in most cases, the adduction of compelling evidence in a court of law may prove successful on your part as the client if you believe that you’re a target for such malpractice.

Summary of Phoenix, AZ Title Loan Benefits

Velocity Cash prides itself as the ultimate provider of title loans Phoenix, AZ.

With our influence spread across the country, the pressure is on us to stay on top of our business swagger with unmatched customer service and an uncompromising commitment to quality control.

As a distributor of the best kind of short-term loan solution, we offer everything that makes title loans great and then some. Let’s go over those upsides one last time.

  1. Applying for a registration loan is quick and super easy. Our 30-second form asks only the basics. We don’t need the rest until you’ve committed.
  2. Getting your foot in the door for a title loan is convenient. With a forgiving eligibility system that stays well within legal boundaries, we forgo the credit checks and assist you in meeting the necessary marks to successfully get the money you need.
  3. Cash delivery for title loans is blazing fast. With the money showing up as soon as the very same day that you applied, your upcoming financial worries aren’t so worrisome anymore.
  4. Industry-low rates and fees make repayment easygoing. We keep the overhead charges down so you can focus on paying back the money that you borrowed — not all the extra charges on top.

If you don’t want a title loan, you can apply online for installment loans. Apply now.

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