Title & Registration Loans Scottsdale, AZ

A car title loan through Velocity Cash is a quick, easy way to get some cold, hard cash when you’re in a bind. Unlike other loans, you don’t need perfect credit or any credit at all to get a title loan.

Instead of having to fulfill stiff credit requirements, you use your car as collateral to obtain a title loan, which is a type of secured loan.

A secured loan just means that you pledge some kind of real, existing asset as a potential source of repayment.

You get to keep driving you car while spending your car title registration loan however you like, which is a tremendous convenience for busy lifestyles.

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Title loans are typically short-term loans, which makes them ideal for catching up on bills, educational needs and other expenses.

Luckily, you don’t have to state the reason for needing the registration loan as part of the application process, which is short, sweet and doesn’t requires tons of obscure documentation.

Get Money in Your Bank Account

Fairly standard perks of title loans include higher payouts than other types of loans, manageable interest rates and fast turnaround between the time you apply and receive cash or a payment option that is more convenient for you.

Plus, the application process entails a loan estimate that lets you anticipate your potential payout in advance. You can use our title loan calculator to get an idea of what your payments might be.

Title Loans Scottsdale, AZ

Applying for title loans in Scottsdale through Velocity Cash is fast and simple. To get a free loan estimate, enter the year, make, model, style and estimated mileage of your vehicle.

Click ‘Next.’ Enter your contact information, and click ‘Submit.’ A loan expert will contact you to discuss estimates and the next steps to take.

The entire process is quite timely and uncomplicated, and our title loan payoff calculator helps to simplify your repayment arrangements.

Legal Regulations About Arizona Car Title Loans

As in many states, Arizona stipulates certain regulations that you must adhere to when applying for title loans in Phoenix, AZ, title loans in Scottsdale and car title loans in Arizona cities.

The vehicle in question must be registered to the individual seeking the title loan.

You also can’t obtain a car title loan with no insurance. You must be at least 18 years of age, with a driver’s license to corroborate. You must have a clear title that indicates no liens, and your vehicle must be in good running condition.

Another unavoidable point is the vehicle inspection, which occurs prior to receiving your registration loan. Velocity Cash’s courteous and professional staff conduct vehicle inspections at any of our store locations throughout Arizona.

After your vehicle inspection, you remit your car title, sign a contract, close the loan and receive your payment.

Don’t worry if you can’t meet all of the qualifications for a car title loan. Velocity Cash welcomes co-signers so that you can still get your car title loan without any glitches along the way.

More Benefits of Car Title Loans

In addition to being fast, requiring no credit, no lengthy application or excessive documentation, car title loans in Scottsdale through Velocity Cash have other benefits as well, such as flexible repayment.

If you have trouble paying back your loan on time, speak with your loan expert. It’s possible to adjust your payment amount or roll your owed amount over into a new loan.

On the other hand, if you choose to pay off your loan against the car earlier than expected, there are no prepayment fees as with other loan types. Velocity Cash also does not charge application fees or loan consultation fees.

Providing that you meet all of the simple, straightforward qualifications, you could have your registration loan in any form of payment you desire in as little as 24 hours. Also, you can apply online for installment loans if you don’t want a car title loan.

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