Title & Registration Loans Wickenburg, AZ

Money has been tight for so long that you have become an expert at stretching a dollar, but what can you stretch if there’s nothing left? You passed your financial crossroad weeks ago.

Now, you’re at the breaking point, which means something has to give.

Either a bill won’t be paid, or you will have to do without something. But, what can you live without?

Electricity to warm your house this winter? Water to bathe and cook with? Certainly not food and shelter.

cactus and the country side in Wickenburg, AZ

With all your obligations, it’s going to be hard to find a way out of this current financial crisis. Fortunately, there is a way to get money, and it’s quick and easy.

Title Loans Wickenburg, AZ

Title registration loans in Wickenburg are secured personal loans. Borrowers use their vehicle to secure the loan. The vehicle has equity, or value, which means the borrower doesn’t have to endure a credit check.

Bad credit is just as good as good credit at Velocity Cash. No matter what financial background the customer has, everyone has an equal chance of being approved for a title loan.


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a source of income
  • Have a vehicle to use as collateral and be listed as the owner on the registration. Arizona allows title loans without a title when the borrower names the lender a lien holder
  • Vehicle must be in good condition and be insured

Wickenburg, AZ Title Loans Application

Online applications require the following information to get a loan against a car.

  • Applicant: name, email, zip code and phone number
  • Vehicle: make, model, style, year and mileage

Once submitted, a registration loan estimate is given. Then, a Velocity Cash representative calls you to deal with title loans in Phoenix specifics, such as your payment plan. You will also need to have a copy of your car title.

The discussion also deals with your source of income, which can be from a regular job, disability benefits, alimony or another source. After the call, take your vehicle to a loan office for a quick inspection to make sure it’s in good condition.

The inspection also helps finalize the loan offer, which is based on the value of the vehicle. Finally, you sign loan papers, give a loan agent your title, and get your money.

As part of the loan process, Velocity Cash makes sure you know about fees and interest charges associated with your title loan or installment loan.

Before you ever sign one contract, you can figure out payments for the loan with our title loan payment calculator.

Arizona Legal Information

  • Title loan businesses are required to be licensed through the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.
  • Lenders and borrowers with delinquent accounts could make arrangements to bring the account current through deferring or extending payments or by renewing the loan.
  • A vehicle that has been repossessed because a borrower defaulted on a loan can be sold by the lender.
  • Money made on the sale of repossessed vehicles is used to pay the lender any outstanding registration loan balances and to pay them any fees and costs they incurred repossessing and selling the vehicle. Any money left over after these expenses is given to the borrower.

Title Loan Benefits

  • High approval rates
  • Anyone with a car can apply
  • Apply if you have bad credit
  • No application or loan consultation fees
  • No questions asked. What you do with the loan money is your business.
  • No requests for bank statements or tax returns
  • Fast application and approval process. Usually approved and awarded money within a day.
  • Lower interest rates than other short term loans
  • No prepayment costs
  • Flexible repayment schedules and amounts
  • Options to renew or restructure loans is you have trouble making payments
  • You get to keep your car, and there are no driving restrictions
  • Your personal information remains private

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