Title & Registration Loans Yuma, AZ

Yuma, Arizona is a nice place to live until you wake up one morning and are faced with an emergency.

We all have emergencies at one time or another like emergency doctor visits, plumbing problems or finding out your home heating system is no longer working.

Many of us wonder how we can prepare for unforeseen emergencies. Even if you have a decent job, it may not be possible to save for emergencies.

Consequently, a lot of folks have learned to rely on title loans in Yuma, AZ to cover the costs of their emergencies.

These short-term registration loans can easily cover the costs of many small emergencies until you get your next paycheck.

Car Title Loans Yuma, AZ
Velocity Cash Car Title Loans Yuma!

Qualifying is fairly easy, and Velocity Cash can provide fast payouts just when you need them.

If you need cash now, you could easily get a title registration loan in 24 hours or less to help out with emergency expenses and take care of problems.

You’ll need to fill out a quick online application, and you’ll use the title to a vehicle that you own to secure the loan. Just knowing that you have a backup system like title loans in Arizona state can make a huge difference for you and your family.

Can I Qualify for Title Loans Yuma, AZ with Bad Credit?

It can be especially difficult to imagine that you could qualify for a title loan, especially if you have been turned down elsewhere. However, at Velocity Cash, we make it possible for anyone with credit problems to qualify.

Regardless of whether you have bad credit, a bankruptcy or haven’t established a credit history, you can still qualify.

Our company does not use credit scores to determine your eligibility for a loan.

Instead, we rely on your automobile title to secure the loan. Since your automobile is probably your primary source of transportation, it only makes sense that you’ll go out of your way to keep it by making timely payments.

What Is the Application Process Like for Title Loans Yuma, AZ?

We offer one of the most simple and stress-free online applications on the internet. You’ll simply need to answer a few questions about your car, SUV, motorcycle, van or truck and some contact information. To apply you’ll need:

  • Age and odometer reading on your vehicle. A mileage estimate will also work fine.
  • Model, make and vehicle style.
  • Full name, phone number and zip code.

Within moments of inputting your application information, you’ll receive an online registration loan estimate from our title loan quote calculator. Take a few minutes to examine the offer to see if it is what you need and if it will help to improve your financial situation.

If you would like to proceed with the loan, you can contact one of our loan representatives to continue the loan process.

We provide you with a free loan quote against your car as a courtesy to give you an idea of how large of a loan you could qualify for. However, until you actually sign a contract with us, you are under no obligation to continue the loan process at this time.

To process Yuma, AZ title loans, you’ll speak with a loan representative on the phone to discuss loan details. He or she may speak with you about various types of income you may have, which could be used to make payments.

Your loan rep will also research current interest rate options to find the best rate to suit your needs. We will also go over payment plans to find one that fits well with your budget.

If you are pleased with the loan amount and payment arrangements, we will ask you to sign a contract. You will need to turn over the title to your auto at this time to receive your loan funds.

Do You Approve Yuma Loans for Those Who Are Unemployed?

Yes, you certainly might be approved for a loan even if you are unemployed.

In this kind of situation, we often qualify people with their unemployment benefits. You could also be qualified if you have a new job lined up with a starting date.

We might also get you qualified by using retirement benefits or other sources of income.

What Are the Loan Requirements?

Our goal is to keep the application process simple to get you the registration loan money you need as quickly as possible.

Therefore, we have very few requirements, which make it easier for more people to qualify for loans. Our basic requirements include:

  • A clear title to the vehicle to be used as collateral for the loan. Be sure to double check the title does not list anyone as a lien holder.
  • Applicants must also be prepared to present a vehicle registration listing them as the vehicle owner.
  • You’ll need to be at least 18 to legally sign a title loan contract. A driver’s license or an Arizona state identification card may be required to confirm your age.

How Much Is My Car Worth?

To give you a ballpark figure, depending upon the vehicle’s condition, vehicles may be worth anywhere from just a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

However, there is a direct correlation between the value of your vehicle and the loan amount you’ll receive.

After determining the value of an automobile, we take a percentage of the value and this is the amount of your loan.

Before accessing the full value of an auto, we go to Kelly Blue Book to get an average value for used vehicles. Next, we will take into consideration the overall condition of your vehicle.

We’ll check to see if it has been well cared for or if it has been in an accident. Automobiles that usually receive the highest payouts are those with lots of equity, newer vehicles and those with fewer miles.

Borrower Commitments and Responsibilities

All borrowers are required to sign a contract containing the terms of the loan. Make sure you understand that you are making a commitment and are responsible for making timely payments according to your payment schedule.

Lenders are required by state regulations to list important terms in the contract to make borrowers aware of important considerations.

Your contract should list the interest rate, payment amounts, the total cost of the loan, miscellaneous fees and payment due dates.

If you are unable to meet your financial obligations after signing the contract, contact your registration loan representative immediately to seek a solution.

Features, Benefits, and Perks of Title Loans


  • We work to ensure you receive the lowest possible payments by researching interest rates to get the very best rate. We can also use a title loan rate calculator to see the costs associated with the loan.
  • Unlike pawn loans, where you lose the use of your automobile, our title loans in Yuma allow you to continue driving your vehicle throughout the entire loan period.
  • We are happy to tailor the length of the loan and payment amounts around your income and your ability to make payments.


  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Fast cash.
  • No spending requirements.
  • No prepayment penalties.


  • Most people have no trouble qualifying for a loan because we allow several types of income sources.
  • We work hard to qualify everyone even if you have credit problems or are currently unemployed.

When emergencies strike and you need fast cash, even on Sundays, consider title registration loans in and near Yuma, AZ by Velocity Cash. We also offer online installment loans, too. Apply for free, even if you have bad credit.

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