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Title loans are no longer available in the state of Indiana. You can still apply, but you may be referred to a nearby state like Illinois to complete the loan process.

It can be hard to get a loan when you have a low credit score or have been turned down in the past. Most lenders like banks and credit unions have tough requirements when it comes to credit. Credit scores have become the standard for determining whether you are credit worthy for a loan.

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However, you do have another option. Title loans in Indiana offered by Velocity Cash are easy to get regardless of your credit score. Our loan processing system offers secured loans.

These are short-term loans, which use the title to a vehicle that you own to secure the loan. Your car has to be paid off, and you’ll also need a lien free title. So long as you have a source of income coming in, you’ll likely qualify for a quick Indiana car title loan.

Most folks are impressed with the fact that they can get their cash within a day or a little bit less in some cases. You will have to fill out a short application and discuss you loan needs with a representative over the phone. You simply sign your agreement at a loan store and collect your cash.

Helpful Tips About the Application Process for Online Title Loans Indiana

Is a Car Title Loan Right for Me?

Auto title loans are the go-to loans these days to cover financial emergencies like medical services, expensive dental procedures, car repairs or home repair emergencies. However, the money can actually be spent on anything you want or need.

Lots of people use car title loan cash to cover credit card payments, pay off debt collectors or make ends meet when going through a lifestyle change or a job loss.

If you’ve had your fill of debt collector calls or juggling bills and expenses, you are probably ready for a short-term loan to make things right again. It does not cost anything to apply, and you are not committed to the loan until you sign a loan agreement.

Learning more about the loan process and how you can benefit only takes a few minutes of your time, but it could be a smart financial move if you need supplemental income.

What Will I Need to Be Considered for a Loan in Indiana?

  1. To be considered, you’ll need to have a vehicle, which is drivable on city streets in the state of Indiana. You should also have a car title in your name that is lien free.
  2. We need to confirm that you have a source of income we can use to qualify you for a loan. Whether you are working for minimum wage, retired or living on government assistance, we can usually approve the loan.
  3. Undoubtedly, you won’t have a problem providing your driver’s license or a state identification card to verify you are 18 or older.
  4. Your vehicle must pass a quick auto inspection before closing the loan.
  5. Applicants should have proof of auto insurance and the vehicle registration to qualify.

Where Can I Apply for a Car Title Loan?

  1. If you are comfortable using a personal computer, you can fill out an online application on our website whenever you have a few spare minutes.
  2. Our loan representatives are always standing by at local loan stores to take applications and answer questions.
  3. Give us a call to apply, and we will be happy to take down your application information.

What Information is Required on the Application?

  1. The title loan application requires contact information, so we will need your phone number, full name and your home zip code. It is also helpful if you can provide an email address.
  2. We will also need the details about your vehicle to create a loan offer. Vehicle details need to include an estimate of your car’s mileage, the year the auto was manufactured and the style, make and model.

The Benefits of Auto Title Loans Indiana

No Stated Purposes for Loan Approval

Most banks won’t grant a loan unless the borrower states why they need the loan. This information is often used to determine the amount of the loan and may affect the interest rate that is offered. However, when dealing with title loans in Indiana, it isn’t necessary to state the purpose because loan amounts are determined by the equity in the vehicle offered as collateral.

Cash Payouts in Hours Not Days

The beauty of a vehicle title loan is that they pay out exceptionally fast. Loan approval does not drag out over a period of weeks. Instead, approved borrowers get their loan funds within one business day of applying.

No Loss of Vehicle Use

Title loan borrowers are always relieved to learn that they remain in possession of their vehicles throughout the loan period.

No Credit Checks Required

Applicants applying for title loans in Indiana don’t have to worry about passing credit checks because they secured their loans with vehicle titles.

Upfront Loan Quotes

As a courtesy to our customers, we always provide instant loan quotes immediately after receiving applications. This gives you a rough idea of the cash you could be offered, which is helpful in making financial decisions.

Nearby Indiana Loan Stores

Even though most folks choose to apply for title loans in Indiana online, we still provide convenient loan stores locally. You are welcome to stop in any time you need additional information or help processing a payment.

Agreements Confirming Loan Terms

Each approved borrower receives a written agreement, which includes the terms of the loan according to state auto title loan regulations and federal laws. The contract highlights the important aspects of the loan such as:

  • The rate of interest.
  • The cost of the interest.
  • The amount being financed.
  • Any applicable fees.
  • A helpful repayment schedule.

Big Loan Offers With Competitive Rates

Title loans in Indiana state are secured loans, which entitle customers to larger loans and better interest rates. If you are shopping for a loan, check out title loans in Indiana for great rates and affordable repayment plans.

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