Title Loans Boulder City, NV

Title loans are simpler than you might think. They’re faster than cash advance and payday loans, cost significantly less in interest rates and fees, and they don’t always require a credit check.

In some cases, you can even carry out title loans Boulder City, NV if you’re unemployed. How is this possible, you ask?

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What’s so great about title loans Boulder City?

Title loans Boulder City require only one thing: the title of a motorized vehicle legally registered in your name that has no liens currently attached to it.

Basically, if you own a car, motorcycle or boat that’s completely paid off and legally bound to you, you’re set to go. It doesn’t matter if your credit score is less than pleasant — Velocity Cash gets straight to the point to ensure the money’s in your account by the next day.

When you sign the title over to us, it’s only being held as collateral until you’ve paid us back on the loan. You may still use the affected vehicle however you’d like while the loan is outstanding, so we’re not stopping you from anything.

Once the loan’s signed back to you, it’s exactly like it was before the loan was carried — you’re not giving anything up by obtaining a title loan, provided it’s paid off.

Applying for title loans Boulder City: It’s never been easier.

Because there’s no credit check involved, you’re just providing us with the simple details. We ask for your vehicle’s estimated mileage along with the year, model and make.

In order to reach you, we’ll also need your name and phone number, plus your ZIP for verification purposes. It’s just that simple — 30 seconds, in and out.

Once you’ve sent it in, we’ll quickly review your application and hit you back soon.

You’ll need to provide us with proof of identification and that you have a steady source of income for a collateral loan, although you may still be able to procure a loan if you’re unemployed in certain circumstances.

To streamline the eligibility checks, you should ensure there are no liens currently on the title you’ll be signing over to us.

What laws protect recipients of title loans? It’s not just a shot in the dark!

You’re covered by a number of laws that ensure lenders of any loan type won’t sucker punch you. In the state of Nevada, these laws stipulate that:

  • no lender is to raise annual interest rates above 10% under any circumstance not preordained and approved first in a court of law
  • all lenders are to ensure the recipient of the cash is sufficiently capable of repaying it, under threat of legal penalty
  • all lenders are required to make recipients sign a document clearly indicating that all provided information is within legal boundaries and both true and correct
  • no lender may adjust the window of time inside which a loan may be repaid
  • title loans are not to exceed a month in their original payment window

Forget about cash advance and payday loans!

There’s not much of an argument here: If you have a motorized vehicle that’s totally paid off in your name, you have access to the best loans available. Even better, you have access to the best title loan company out there — Velocity Cash. We also provide car title loans in Las Vegas.

Velocity Cash has you covered with these perks and more:

  1. Apply easily and without a hitch.
  2. Use our title loan calculator
  3. Get the money dropped in your account within 24-48 hours.
  4. Pay it back at the lowest interest rates of any next-day loan service available.

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