Title Loans Elko, NV

You’ve probably heard less than pleasant things about loans, but in truth, there are honest companies that provide loans the right way. Velocity Cash is your first stop for title loans Elko, providing reliable and convenient services for quick and easy cash when you need it.

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What’s So Great About Title Loans Elko, NV?

Title loans Elko have a number of benefits over other loan types, such as payday or cash advance. Not only do title loans require no credit check, but they also charge lower interest rates than their alternatives.

With flexible scheduling and payment plans, they’re convenient to carry out and easy to pay back. The only requirement for acquiring a title loan is that we place a lien on the title of a vehicle that has been paid off in your name — it’s really that simple.

Once you’ve paid it all back, you’ll have the car title returned back to you. While you have a loan carried out, you’re still able to drive your vehicle like usual, so you’re not giving anything up.

Cash assistance title loans can be carried out in any amount up to the suggested retail value of the vehicle you’re using as collateral. This allows you to take only what you need and to have it paid back within a comfortable span of time. Don’t sweat it — Velocity Cash is the number one provider of car title loans in Nevada.

Applying for Title Loans Elko

Since there are no credit checks or other sneaky, time-consuming tricks to stumble your eligibility, the application process is super simple. The only details we need are:

  • basic automobile information — estimated mileage, along with make, model and year
  • your name and phone number, so we can reach you
  • your ZIP code for verification

It’s a 30-second sign-up with no hassles, tassels or strings. Just sit back while one of our representatives connects with you in short order to go over your identification and get the title signed over.

Once all that’s out of the way, the money will show up in your account within 24-48 hours.

No, we’re not pulling your chain: It’s really that easy to get title loans against your car in Elko, NV.

Legal Stuff

The state of Nevada strictly regulates lending companies. Such companies are not permitted to extend the term of a loan, and they are prohibited from creating loans that are worth more than the fair market value of the automobile used as collateral.

Lending firms are also required to administer loans with regard for clients’ ability to repay them. Clients must be required to sign an affidavit that states the given personal information is truthful, or they will be subject to charges of perjury in the court of law.

Title loan companies are furthermore prohibited from administering annual interest rates higher than 10% under any circumstance; breaching this legal limit is considered usury, and the offender may be litigated for damages.

The Pluses of Title Loans

Let’s put everything in order and recap on why title loans in Elko are the best option for you:

  1. They’re the easiest way to go. While other lending companies want to run all kinds of background checks on you and your credit history, we get straight to the point and require only the title to a vehicle you own — that’s it.
  2. They’re super quick and convenient. You can choose the size of the loan, the repayment window, and have it all sent to your account by the next day. Got an emergency payment you need to make? Velocity Cash has your back.
  3. They’re more affordable than other loan types. Don’t pay for all the muss and fuss of fees and high interest rates. Title loans keep the overhead expenses low so you can focus on paying back only what you needed to take. Contact Velocity Cash today.

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