Title Loans Gardnerville, NV

Title loans are a type of loan that is given to customers who own their vehicle and can use the title of said vehicle as collateral. Applying for title loans in Gardnerville requires the customer to simply hand over the title of their vehicle in exchange for a cash loan.

Downtown Gardnerville, Nevada

The vehicle will remain in their use for the duration of this loan, as they make payments, plus interest.

The loan amount will be determined by using the current blue book value of the car, which is done to ensure that a fair price is received by the borrower.

At Velocity Cash, borrowers have the option of rolling over their loan if they cannot pay it back on the original due date. This allows them to have extra breathing room to pay.

A title loan against a vehicle can be applied for right here on our website, day and night. Instead of heading to a brick and mortar storefront, simply fill out a few simple questions to get a free quote, with no obligation to continue with the loan process.

The Why of Title Loans in Gardnerville, NV

Both men and women frequently turn to car title loans in Carson City because of the relative ease in which they can be obtained. Most people think of a bank loan when they need more money than they have in their savings account.

Unfortunately, bank loans require page after page of paperwork, credit and background checks, and time you may not have.

With title loans in Gardnerville, NV you simply must own your own car, truck, SUV, van, or motorcycle in order to become eligible for hundreds of dollars. The process takes place online, with only a simple phone call from a representative in order to finalize the details.

Title loans in Gardnerville, Nevada often cost less in finance charges than late credit card fees on a cash advance, if one chooses to take out cash against his or her credit card.

They can also be less expensive than bank overdraft fees, especially if you tend to bounce a lot of checks at once.

They are great when you need money in a hurry, as the whole process takes just minutes online and the cash is deposited straight into the borrower’s bank account afterwards.

The deposit is generally made within a day of applying, so there is no lengthy wait like there would be with a traditional loan. You simply supply your name, address, telephone number, and make and model of the vehicle you wish to use as collateral.

The rest is completed by us at Velocity Cash.

Following Nevada Title Loan Laws

All title loan companies in Nevada are required to abide by the regulations set forth by the federal Truth in Lending Act. These include the following rules:

  • Borrowers must be 18 years of age to enter into a written loan agreement
  • All loans must be in writing. They must be written in a way that the customer understands.
  • The annual percentage rate, or APR, of the loan must be clearly documented in the agreement. Use our title loan calculator to see your rate.
  • The lender may allow the borrower an extension if they cannot pay the loan back on the initial due date.
  • Any vehicle can be used as security for a title loan, as long as it is not the primary residence of the borrower, such as a mobile home.
  • The borrower must hand over the hard copy title to the vehicle as collateral once the loan is finalized. It will be returned once the loan is settled.
  • All payments and their due dates must be clearly recorded in the written agreement. Contact Velocity Cash today.

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