Title Loans Hawthorne, NV

When someone needs money quickly, where do they turn? Depending on how much they need, they might ask a friend or family member.

Sometimes that works, if the amount asked for is low enough, but what happens when the person needs a few thousand dollars?

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They often go to a bank, but why not consider a title loan? While bank loans are nice, getting them is often complicated and time consuming. Plus, only people with good credit have a shot at being approved.

On the other hand, title loans are quick and convenient, and almost everyone who owns a car is approved.

When you apply for title loans in Hawthorne, NV, you can expect to complete the process in a minutes or hours and be approved with cash in your pocket soon after.

Title Loans in Hawthorne, NV

Title loans Hawthorne are loans made to people willing to use their vehicle as collateral. With a car as security, Velocity Cash has no need to run a credit check, which means even people with bad credit can get title loans in Hawthorne.

Hawthorne Title Loan Application

Start your Velocity Cash title loan application by making sure you qualify or using our title loan calculator. You need to be at least 18 years old and own a car with a clear title.

If you don’t have a clear title, you can qualify for a loan against your car by adding the lender to the title as a lien-holder. Now, start the online application by giving Velocity Cash your name, contact information and where you live.

We also need to know the kind of car you have and how many miles it has. Once we have this information about the car, we can give you an accurate loan estimate, which is based on your car’s value.

After getting your estimate, we call you do discuss your loan options, including when you want to pick up your money.

Nevada Title Loan Legal Guidelines


  • Can renew a title loan up to six times
  • Must have a lien free vehicle title or add the lender to the title as a new lienholder


  • Can loan up to the fair market value of the vehicle used as loan collateral
  • Loans are set for 30 day term limits
  • Renewed title loans may not be extended past 210 days
  • Must have a state issued license
  • Must give borrowers 30 days written notice when the lender plans to repossess a vehicle
  • Not allowed to participate in aggressive collection methods


  • Any adult who owns a car can get an auto title loan. That’s because their vehicle is used as collateral. And, it’s not just for cars. The person could use a truck or a motorcycle to get the loan. As long as you have a vehicle that has value, you are a great candidate for title loans in Hawthorne.
  • There is no credit check for car title loans in Nevada, which makes it even easier for everyone to qualify. Velocity Cash loans are not based on your credit history but on your ownership of a vehicle and your ability to repay the loan. So, unlike a bank, we won’t hold it against you if your past includes a few late payments.
  • Title loans are easier to get than bank loans and less expensive than payday loans. You are far more likely to get a loan from a title lender than from friends and family who may not have money to spare or who may not want to lend it to you.
  • In one day or just a few days, money for your title loan is in your hands or in your bank account. Plus, you keep your vehicle while the loan is repaid.

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