Title Loans Spanish Springs, NV

Bad credit can affect so many aspects of your life, especially if you need to get cash quickly to cover unexpected expenses. It can seem like there is no one willing to help you, but the solution you need may be the equity in your car. Rather than selling it, a car title loan may the answer to your financial needs.

What Are Title Loans Spanish Springs?

Title loans in Spanish Springs, Nevada are short-term loans that are based on the value of your car. Because the loan is secured by a lien against the title of car, your credit history is not really a factor in qualifying for a loan.

Instead, the lender considers the mileage on the car and the extras and options on the car in determining how much the car is worth and how much you can borrow. These loans can typically be completed quickly, sometimes in less than an hour, and you will get to keep your car while you are repaying the loan.

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Finding the Right Title Loans Spanish Springs

You want to be sure you get the best title loan to fit your needs. At Velocity Cash, we work with a network of lenders from across the country, so our title loan calculator specialists can find the right collateral loan for you. Start by submitting our online application, which takes only a few minutes to complete. We’ll need to know:

  • The make and model of your car
  • Any special features, such as a sun roof or leather seats
  • The mileage on the car
  • Your contact information

With this information, we can give you a free no-obligation quote for the amount you will likely be able to borrow.

Completing Your Loan

If you decide to move ahead after getting your quote, your Velocity Cash loan specialist will work with our lenders to get your approved application. You will then receive a call to review your loan offer to borrow against your car.

The next step in completing car title loans in Reno is to bring your car to one of our offices for an inspection. This will determine the actual amount of your loan.

While your car is inspected, you can complete the loan paperwork. Be sure to bring with you:

  • Your driver’s license
  • The title to the car, showing that it is free of any liens

The inspection and paperwork will generally take about 30 minutes to complete. Your loan package will then be submitted to your lender, who will send you your cash when the loan is processed. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to get your cash the same day.

Repaying Your Loan

In completing your loan package, your Velocity Cash loan specialist will help you set up a repayment plan that will fit into your budget. It is important that you stay in touch with your lender throughout the repayment term, especially if you run into difficulty making your payments.

It is possible that you could lose your car if you are unable to repay the loan, but most lenders will work with you to prevent that from happening. Once you have paid the loan in full, the lender will release the lien, and you will own the car free and clear again.

Don’t continue to let bills pile up leaving you broke. At Velocity Cash, we can help you find title loans in Spanish Springs that can get quickly get you the cash you need. Get started now and in just a few days, you could be out from under the financial strains and back to enjoying your life.

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