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Whether you work at the Eastern New Mexico University, Cannon Air Force Base or in the peanut or dairy industries in Portales, New Mexico, you may still find yourself coming up short when it comes to paying the bills. It is a fact that emergencies happen, kids outgrow their clothes and cars need automotive repairs now and then.

If you are constantly falling short of your financial goals, you might want to check into Portales, NM title loans. Velocity Cash funds these kinds of short-term loans for lots of people living in Portales all the time.

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For the most part, our income levels are pretty low and fairly flexible, which makes it much easier to qualify compared to traditional bank loans. In addition, you don’t have to worry about qualifying based on your credit score or history.

Credit reports aren’t even a major consideration as a qualification factor when approving title loans in New Mexico. In order to qualify for loan approval, you simply need to have a vehicle in running condition, own your auto and have a clear title.

Our loan process is simple, fast and efficient to make it easy to borrow against your car. In most cases, customers are approved and receive their payout in as little as a day.

Are There Spending Restrictions on Title Loans in Portales, NM?

We don’t have any kind of spending restrictions when it comes to loans. As a matter a fact, we will never even ask you why you want the loan. How you spend your payout is completely up to you. Many folks use their cash for things like:

  • Paying off old debts to start with a clean slate.
  • To cover college tuition.
  • Pay for auto repairs.
  • Cover emergency medical bills.
  • Pay yearly property taxes.
  • Reduce monthly output by paying off high interest credit cards.
  • Make needed repairs around the home.
  • Use the title loan interest calculator.

What Is the Application Process Like for Portales, NM Title Loans?

You will need to fill out our short online application form. The application requires your full name, phone number and zip code. In addition, you’ll need to supply the mileage and year of your vehicle along with the style, make and model.

For faster payouts, we automatically send you an instant loan estimate. If you approve of the amount, you’ll need to contact one of our loan specialists to discuss income sources, your payment amount and a payment schedule.

You read through a contract written according to state regulations to confirm your loan amount, interest rate, fees and payment schedule. Sign the contract and collect your cash.

What Should I Inquire About When Considering a Title Loan?


Always ask lenders about any kind of fees involved with title loans in Portales, NM. Some lenders may have loan origination fees or processing fees.

Interest Rates

Interest rates can vary greatly between states and lenders. So, make sure you know what rate you will be getting.

Repayment Terms

Make sure you understand how the loan process works and what date the loan must be repaid by.


Before agreeing to a loan, make sure you understand what could happen if you are unable to make your payments. Remember, your car is being used to satisfy collateral requirements.

Can I Still Drive My Car?

Yes, you certainly can drive your car when carrying cash car title loans. That’s one of the perks of title loans. Drive as little or as much as you want at any time.
Are There Any Benefits to Title Loans?

  • Loans are funded in 24 hours or less.
  • No pre-payment fees.
  • No credit checks.
  • Easy loan approval.
  • Simple online application.
  • Great interest rates.
  • Title loans with no insurance could be an option.

Apply online today to take care of financial worries with title loans in Portales, NM from Velocity Cash.

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