Online Title Loans in South Carolina

If you are in need of a helpful quick loan to get through some expenses, you can consider taking advantage of a title loan. South Carolina residents use this unique financial product every year to get much needed funds that cover expenses and are easy to pay back.

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The reason why this type of loan tends to be so beneficial is because it is widely available to just about anyone who has a qualifying vehicle.

Many consumers have trouble getting loans when they need them because of credit history issues.

Title loans in South Carolina are loan that rely on having a vehicle that can be used as collateral. It’s not generally necessary to worry about one’s credit score in this case.


What you need to know: How to apply online

Anybody who wants to take out this type of loan is going to need to apply before they can be approved and get the loan funds.

Fortunately for consumers looking into our loans, the title loan application with Velocity Cash is very simple.

It’s also worth noting that it is possible to apply online for this type of loan.

The online application means that prospective borrowers can get the ball rolling without having to show up in person and schedule an interview in order to be considered for title loans in South Carolina.

Applying online is very easy to do. There will be some basic personal details as well as some general data about the vehicle that the applicant owns that will need to be entered on the app.

Details about the applicant that need to be entered will include the name and the phone number of the consumer interested in the loan. Additionally, an email address will be necessary for all of those who choose to apply for a loan online.

The other thing that’s going to be important on the application is the applicant’s zip code and address information.

In addition to the personal details mentioned above, the South Carolina applicant is also going to need to provide some key data about his or her vehicle in order to be considered for a South Carolina car title loan.

Data that needs to be provided about the vehicle includes what year it was manufactured in and what its make and model are. Another important consideration that will need to be provided is how many miles their are on the vehicle’s odometer.

All of these details will be used in order to calculate the approximate value of the vehicle. The vehicle is considered collateral for the loan. That means that a loan is not going to be possible for more than its value.

South Carolina title loansAfter the short form is submitted to us online, those who apply will be provided with a quick estimate on the loan amount that is likely to be available to them according to the provided information.

Upon applying, the applicant can sit back and wait to be contacted by a representative who can provide more information about the exact details of the available loan and follow through with the loan process for the applicant.

It’s important that applicants are aware of how fast and convenient this process is. If a loan is available for the applicant, loan funds can in many cases be provided to the borrower in only 24 hours.

How state regulations in South Carolina affect the loans available to you

Any consumer interested in applying for this type of loan needs to understand that title loans and other financial products like title loans are typically regulated on the state level.

This means that a resident of South Carolina is going to have different title loan terms available to the, perhaps, than a resident of another state would.

In the state of South Carolina, there is a Small Loan Cap regulation in place. This means that a title loans of more than $2,500 are free from certain regulations that loans of less than $2,500 are not free from.

In South Carolina, a title loan should be more than $2,500 in order to avoid a loan cap.

Generally speaking title loans in the state will not be available for any less than $2,500 in amount. Otherwise, there are really no additional regulations on title loans in the state.

Important distinctions to be aware of when it comes to Title Loans in South Carolina

Consumers need to be aware of some important distinctions about this type of loan. While a title loan is generally considered to be an alternative loan product, it is not the same thing as a payday loan or a cash advance.

While a payday loan generally requires the borrower to sign over the next incoming paycheck to the lender, a title loan is not the same. A title loan is simply a loan that relies upon the borrower’s vehicle as collateral.

It’s important that those who wish to pursue this type of loan understand the difference between a clean vehicle title and a vehicle title with a lien on it. When it comes to title loans in South Carolina state, it’s likely to be more difficult to be approved with a lien on one’s title. A lien means that the borrower doesn’t own the vehicle outright and is still making payments on the vehicle in question. Nevertheless, a loan may still be available despite a title lien if the borrower has enough equity in the vehicle in question.

Advantages these South Carolina Title Loan offer to consumers

The following are unique advantages to remember about title loans in South Carolina:

  • Loans can be had despite credit issues.
  • Loans are convenient to apply for and can be applied for online.
  • You continue to use their vehicle as usual throughout the life of the loan in question.
  • You get your title back after the loan is paid off.
  • You will enjoy a quick response to the application.
  • Borrowers enjoy flexibility in negotiating repayments terms and can conveniently make payments online.

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