Title Loans Clearfield, UT

Title loans offer a slew of benefits that payday, cash advance and other temporary loan services simply fall short on. With some of the lowest interest rates in the industry and the fastest delivery times, title loans Clearfield are clear contenders — if you meet their only requirement.

Title loans in Clearfield, UT require that you briefly hand in the paid-off title to a motor vehicle that you are the legal owner of. There must be no liens or suspensions on it, or you may not be able to take out a loan.

If you can fulfill this requirement, then you have the benefit of the quickest, most affordable loan type you can get.

Clearfield City Municipal Building. Clearfield, UT

Why Title Loans Clearfield?

Even better, we don’t actually take control of the vehicle itself — just the title. Need that car to get to work while you pay us back? We totally get it.

But before you worry yourself about other requirements of getting cash loans against car titles, let’s get to the point and say it: We don’t need to check your credit score when assessing your eligibility. You can also get cash assistance while unemployed.

How do I Apply for Title Loans Clearfield, UT?

You must be thinking, great, here’s another hour-long cloze exercise.

No worries — our application process consists of only 30 seconds to tell us your name, phone number and ZIP, plus the year, model, make and mileage of the automobile you’re handing us the title to.

No really, that’s it. We keep it simpler than other companies for good reason: We don’t need the other details.

Clearfield, UT Title Loan Info

We need the vehicle information to help determine its value, which in turn affects the size of the loan you can take out, but this can also be limited by whether you’re making enough money to reasonably pay it back on time.

The good news is, you can still take out loans as small as you like.

Of course, we’ll need to get in touch with you to confirm your likeness and make sure you’re pulling enough income to support the loan you wish to take out. We’ll provide a free estimate on top, plus a title loan quote calculator to streamline the decision-making process.

Legal Protection

Velocity Cash didn’t just pull together a monthly allowance to stick a sign on a building and call it official. All of our representatives had to jump legal hoops to obtain licenses in order to legally distribute title loans Clearfield.

There are laws in Utah that stringently regulate what we’re allowed to do. Here are a few of them:

  1. Boosting Interest Rates
    We can’t jack up your rate any higher than 10% under any condition. If we’re found in violation of this, we could be charged with usury. Fortunately, there’s no reason it would happen, since title loans keep their rates lower than the other loan types.
  2. Misleading Clients
    We can’t just take the title off your hands and fork over a loan. The reason we need to know about your income is simply because we can, in fact, be charged with misguiding customers if we agree to distribute a loan to an unwitting customer who has no reasonable way of repaying it on time.
  3. Alteration of Terms and Conditions
    At no point after inking everything off are we allowing to change any minutiae of the loan terms. We can’t just conveniently fumble the paperwork, either.

Benefits Recap

Velocity Cash isn’t limited to just Clearfield; we also provide car title loans in Layton, UT. With our spread-out coverage, more people in Utah can experience what makes title loans so great. Consider the following:

  1. Title loans in Clearfield, Utah are easy to apply for and impose zero credit checks.
  2. You can have the money in your account as soon as the very next day.
  3. Repayment is much easier than payday or cash advance loan services, since the rates are much lower.

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