Title Loans Clinton, UT

You might catch yourself wondering which loan type is right for you when faced with financial challenges down the road. The question to ask is, do you have a lien-less title to a motorized car, boat or motorcycle that’s registered to you?

If so, wonder no more — Velocity Cash has you covered. Title loans in Clinton, UT are first in class for affordability, quickness, and convenience.

With no credit check, next-day deposits, adjustable compensation windows and the quickest application process ever, payday loans and cash advance services have a lot to make up for.

Title Loans Clinton, UT
Velocity Cash Car Title Loans in Clinton!

Title Loans Clinton: Your First Choice

With fast cash title loans, you can ensure those bills coming up in a few days will be taken care of in time at minimal expense to you.

While we hold the title, you can still use the vehicle associated with it just like you normally would; we aren’t stopping you from carrying on with your life like normal.

Title loans in Clinton, UT can be carried out up to the maximum worth of the motor vehicle used as collateral, but you can choose to take them as small as you need.

Apply Easily for Title Loans Clinton, UT

It’s the easiest application in the world: 30 seconds of your time, plus a few details you should already have memorized.

After your name, phone number and ZIP code, all we require is the type of vehicle you own; the make, model and year; and the estimated mileage.

We calculate the value of the vehicle from this data, which will determine the size of loan you’ll be able to carry out. You always have to option to borrow less, of course.

When you’ve applied, we’ll take a look at it and get a hold you soon thereafter to provide a free quote and verify who you are and what your income looks like.

Optimally, you should make sure you have no liens or suspensions on the title, and you’ll need to provide proof of steady employment; however, there are certain exceptions to these rules. We also provide a free title loan calculator for your convenience.

Legal Information

Velocity Cash isn’t just some start-up that decided to take car titles in exchange for cash. We have to follow a number of rules and regulations that protect you, our client, from being scammed by lenders of all loan types.

Check out these Utah laws that keep you covered.

  1. Lenders are responsible for taking care of their clients! We’re required by law to make sure you’re set to compensate us accordingly inside the two-week or one-month period the loan against your car will be taken out, and this is why we need to know your income status.
  2. We’re not allowed to adjust your payment schedule or set up a loan payment plan that exceeds 30 days. We also can’t change any of the terms or conditions upon which the loan is executed when it’s signed. Once we’ve inked off, it’s permanent — you have our word.
  3. Worried about inflated interest rates? Worry not, for Utah state law stringently enforces the legal limit of 10% annually. We are never allowed to exceed this figure, ever.

The good thing about title loans Clinton, especially through Velocity Cash, is that you don’t need to watch your back when the law already does it for you.

Summary of Upsides

We don’t just serve Clinton! Our services also extend to include the provision of car title loans in Ogden as well. On top of that, we offer all of the same benefits of title loans Clinton with even more. Let’s review the upsides of title loans real quick:

  • No credit check
  • Next-day cash delivery
  • Fast and easy application process
  • Lowest interest meterage among the short-term loan options
  • Convenient payment plans and adjustable loan sizes

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