Title Loans Cottonwood Heights, UT

Of the many kinds of loans to choose from, why cash car title loans? It depends on only one requirement: Are you willing and able to temporarily part with the title to your car while we await repayment?

If that’s a yes, then look no further.

Title loans in Cottonwood Heights, UT impose the smallest fees and easygoing interest rates, whereas payday and cash advance services drag their clients around in the dirt with expenses that oftentimes match the size of the loan itself.

Title Loans Cottonwood Heights, UT
Velocity Cash Car Title Loans Cottonwood Heights!

Why Title Loans Cottonwood Heights, UT

Title loans also have the quickest delivery rate in their caliber, dropping the money in your account within 24 hours or less.

With breathe-easy scheduling and adjustable loan sizes on top, you might start wondering why “cash advance” isn’t just “cash behind” and if “payday” isn’t just for the loan company!

The best part is, at no point in the application process for a title loan is your credit score necessary for assessing your eligibility.

We also don’t take control of the car itself, just the title that represents it, so we’re not detracting from your ability to get around.

Applying for Title Loans Cottonwood Heights

“Oh boy, here it comes, the hour-long process!” Hold up. There’s nothing long and complicated about applying for title loans Cottonwood Heights.

Seriously, all we need from you is a few basic bits and pieces about yourself and the car, motorcycle or boat that the title is attached to. It takes all of 30 seconds, if even that.

After sending it in, we’ll use the provided phone number to call back as soon as possible with a free title loan estimate. If you’re serious about committing, we’ll need to evaluate your identity and income situations, too.

We use this data to be sure that you’re who you claim to be and that you can repay us in a timely fashion.

As if we didn’t make it easy enough, we also have a title loan calculator to help streamline the process for you.

Legal Information

You’re not venturing into the howling dark alone. Well, to call it that makes it sound like we’re dangerous, but really, we’re one of the safest title loan companies to do business with.

It’s the other, less honest lending firms that resulted in the creation of these laws. Nonetheless, Velocity Cash abides by them, so here are a few for your peace of mind when applying for a Cottonwood Heights, UT collateral loan.

  1. Loan terms are limited to 30 days maximum, and the conditions of a loan can’t be altered after the deal’s been sealed. Additionally, your vehicle can’t be repossessed unless you’ve failed to compensate us within 30 days after the original term has ended.
  2. We’re held to the law during the process of carefully ensuring that our clients have enough breathing room while paying back their loan. This means that when we assess your income, we need to feel comfortable with your ability to repay it in timely fashion.
  3. All of our representatives here at Velocity Cash must be officially licensed in the state of Utah in order to create and distribute title loans against cars. That means, the law has each and every one of us documented and held accountable.

Summary of Upsides

Velocity Cash also serves car title loans in Salt Lake City, UT! With our influence spread across Utah, we have a reputation to uphold, so we continue to provide everything that makes title loans Cottonwood Heights great, plus more.

  1. Easy In
    Applying for a title loan is quick and easy with zero credit checks!
  2. Fluid Setup
    Get a loan of the size you need within the payment window you’re comfortable with, then have the money deposited by the next day.
  3. Easy Out
    We keep our fees and interest rates low so your main focus is returning the loan itself, not the extras on top.

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