Title Loans Farmington, UT

Before wondering which loan type is right for you, ask this question: Do you have an all-liens-paid title to an automobile in your legal possession?

If so, Velocity Cash already has your answer — Farmington  title loans are not only faster and more affordable, but also more flexible and easy to apply for.

The application process is all of 30 seconds, and we don’t peek at your credit score at any point in the process of working out your eligibility.

That’s right — all we’ll need is to briefly hang on the title of a vehicle you own, which will be placed as collateral until we’ve been compensated.

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Why Choose Title Loans in Farmington, UT?

We don’t take the vehicle away from you though, so feel free to use it as needed during that time.

Cash advance and payday loan services pile on countless fees and high-interest rates, but fast cash title loans keep it low so you can focus on returning what we lent you — not all the extras on top.

Title loans in Farmington, UT also show up within 24 hours, while other loan types can take up to a week to come through.

Applying for Title Loans Farmington, UT is a Breeze

There are only really two things you need to get your foot in the door with a title loan against your car in Farmington: the title to a motorized vehicle that has no liens or suspensions on it, and proof of steady income.

Since there’s no credit score check and our calculations are based on the simple details of your vehicle, the application process is a walk in the park. All we need is:

  • Your name and phone number, so we can touch back soon after you’ve applied
  • Your ZIP code for location purposes
  • Your vehicle’s year, make and model, plus rough mileage, which we’ll need to work out the market value

After applying, sit tight while a representation gets back to you to provide a free quote and begin the process of verifying your identity and income.

In special cases, it may still be possible for you to obtain title loans Farmington even if you’re unemployed.

Once the title has been signed over, we’ll jettison the cash to your account as quickly as possible, which should show up the very next day.

For your convenience, we provide a title loan quote calculator to streamline the process of working out the loan size that’s right for you.

Laws That Protect You

Loan agencies aren’t scot-free! Utah law closely monitors and regulates the business performed by lenders, including Velocity Cash.

Not all lending agencies are out to scam you, but a few bad apples have made a negative impression on the loan industry, which spurred the creation of laws to protect our clients — just in case.

  1. We’re not boosting your interest rate. The legal limit is 10% annually, with no exceptions, workarounds or loopholes. Violating this law would make us guilty of usury.
  2. We can’t change the terms of your title loan. Once it’s inked in, the agreement you made is sealed. We can’t go up behind your back and change the payment window or loan size.
  3. We have to look out for you. Loan companies need to ensure their clients are actually capable of paying off their debt on time before issuing loans.

Summary of Farmington  Title Loan Benefits

Velocity Cash doesn’t just do title loans like everyone else does; we do it even better than them. Additionally, we also provide car title loans in Layton.

  1. Title loans are fast! It’s hard to beat next-day delivery.
  2. Title loans are affordable! They have the lowest fees and interest rates among the short-term loan options.
  3. Title loans are easy! There’s no credit check, and the application takes less than a minute.

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