Title Loans Pleasant Grove, UT

There are two ways of looking at this: There’s a quality scale for the types of loans you can take out, and then there’s another scale for the companies you could take them out with. Let’s just say that Velocity Cash watches its peers disapprovingly from its vista.

When seeking out the right loan in times of financial depression, you need only ask one question: Are you willing to temporarily trade in a car, boat or motorcycle title loan in exchange for the money you need?

If so, then welcome to our vista. Title loans Pleasant Grove, UT are not only the fastest and most affordable type of short-term loan you can find, they’re also flexible and require zero credit checks to get your foot in the door.

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Why Title Loans Pleasant Grove?

The title you offer us will need to have all liens paid and suspensions lifted before it can be used in the transaction.

The vehicle that it’s attached to will also need to be legally registered to you. If you can meet these requirements, your odds are looking up — or should we say, everyone else is looking up at you.

Applying for Title Loans Pleasant Grove, UT

You must be thinking it right now: “Oh, this is going to be fun.” Actually, yes, it will be — the application process is all of 30 seconds tops, asking only the basic most details about yourself and the vehicle you’ll be placing as collateral, such as make, model and year.

Don’t worry — we only hold on to the title itself while you pay us back, not the vehicle.

After you’ve supplied us with the basics, we’ll review your application and quickly touch back to provide a free quote and go over the larger details, such as identity and proof of income.

You can usually carry out a loan up to the maximum value of the vehicle you’re using as collateral, but your income situation also affects the size of the loan we can allow you to take. Thankfully, you have the option of taking cash loans on car titles as small as you need them.

After the title has been transferred, we’ll send you the cash in exchange, which should arrive by the next day. We’ll even provide you with a free title loan quote calculator to help streamline your decision.

Legal Details

Velocity Cash didn’t just fire up a website and call it good. We had to jump legal hoops to do business with you as a lending agency, not least the requirement that we hold official licenses to create loans in exchange for your hard-earned title.

Consider the following laws in Utah that protect your end of the deal:

  1. We can’t raise your rates above 10%, ever. This won’t be an issue anyway because the limit applies to all types of short-term loans, and title loans are known for having the lowest rates, but it’s still worth mentioning.
  2. We can’t misguide you. It’s our legal duty to ensure that your proof of income scales proportionately to the size of the loan carried and the window of time that compensation is expected.
  3. We can’t repossess your vehicle until 30 days after the end of the original loan term agreement. Since title loans Pleasant Grove are restricted to a maximum of 30 days, that makes 60 days total to pay it off.

Recap on Pleasant Grove Title Loan Benefits

We aren’t giving all the love to Pleasant Grove, UT — our services extend to provide car title loans in Orem as well. Along with all the usual perks of title loans in Pleasant Grove, we offer better rates and faster responses than other title loan companies. Let’s go over those benefits real quick:

  • Easy application
  • No credit check
  • Next-day deposit
  • Lowest interest rates
  • Flexible management for repayment plans

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