Title Loans Roy, UT

Plans don’t always go as expected. You thought you made enough to cover the rent, child support, and food for this week, but alas, you were sucker-punched with a monstrous overdue-book fee at the local library. (It ain’t realistic, but humor us for a second.)

Suddenly, you have to choose between keeping a roof over your head or staying out of jail.

It’s not a good situation to be in.

Fortunately, Velocity Cash provides a way out with cash car online title loans. You only need to temporarily trade in the title to a car, boat or motorcycle in your possession, provided there aren’t any suspensions or liens on the title, and the vehicle must legally belong to you.

In exchange, we’ll give you a one-month loan up to the market value of the vehicle you’re offering as collateral. Don’t worry, though — the only thing we hold on to while you pay us back is the title itself, not the vehicle.

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What’s So Great About Roy Title Loans?

Title loans Roy are faster than other short-term loan types, such as payday and cash advance. They’re also far more affordable, charging the lowest interest rates of any option available to you.

With adjustable payment windows and the ability to take out loans of any size, title loans Roy are hard to beat — and did we mention there’s no credit check?

How Do I Apply for Title Loans in Roy, UT?

It’s easy! There’s a simple form you’ll need to fill out with some basic information concerning yourself and the vehicle you’re putting up for collateral. This is just so we can verify who you are and what size loan you’ll be able to carry out. We only need:

  • The estimated mileage, make, model and year of the car, boat or motorcycle you’re offering the title to
  • A name to call you by, a number to reach you at, and a ZIP code to confirm your location

Yup, it’s really that simple. When you’ve finished and clicked send, all you’ll need to do is lay back and wait for a representative to get ahold of you so we can get the ball rolling.

We’ll need to confirm your identity and the stability of your income, then get the title transferred, and bam — money in your account the next day. Credit scores are no stumbling block here!

We also offer a car title loan calculator to help you along in deciding if title loans Roy are right for you.

What Laws Protect Me?

Trust us, you’re not shooting in the dark when you transfer your well-earned title to a lending agency (although we like to think we’re more enlightening than the alternatives). For your assurance, here are a few basic laws that cover you in Utah.

  • No distributor of title loans is permitted to raise interest rates above 10%.
  • Title loan agencies must ensure their client is of reasonable capacity to compensate the lender inside the agreed-upon payment time frame.
  • Title loans can’t have their conditions modified after they’ve been set, and they can’t run for an original term of longer than 30 days.
  • Your vehicle can’t be repossessed unless you’ve failed to pay dues 30 days after the end of the original term.

Sounds Like the Loan for Me!

The cool thing about title loans Roy is, nothing changes while the loan is out. Velocity Cash keeps the numbers even lower than other title loan companies, so it’s almost like borrowing money from a friend (of course, we have to put food on the table, too).

We also offer car title loans in Ogden.

Let’s quickly recap on the benefits of title loans against cars:

  1. They’re easy to apply for.
  2. They’re quick on delivery.
  3. They’re more affordable than their competition.
  4. They’re flexible.

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