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Everyone eventually figures out what it’s like to be in a financial trench they’re seemingly trapped in. Family and friends can’t always help, and you don’t always have a way to ramp up your income.

You’ve heard about loans, but they’ve been given something of a negative stigma, and you don’t want to make the situation worse. What gives?

Fortunately, there’s one type of loan that does it better than the others — Sandy, UT title loans.

Unlike payday and cash advance services, cash car title loans skip all the exorbitant interest rates and overblown fees so you can focus on paying back what you borrowed against your car, not all the overhead other loan types pile on top.

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Why Title Loans Sandy, Utah?

Title loans in Sandy have the quickest loan delivery rate, getting the money in your account as soon as the very next day.

But my credit score is terrible!” No worries! The best part about title loans Sandy is, there’s no credit check. That’s right — credit score has no bearing on your eligibility.

The only requirement for carrying out a title loan is that you temporarily hand us the loan to any motorized car, motorcycle or boat that has been totally paid off and is legally listed in your name.

Optimally, the title should have no liens or suspensions on it. After we’ve been compensated, we’ll relinquish it right back in it’s flawless pre-loan state as if the loan never happened.

I need my car, though!” That’s okay! We don’t take control of the vehicle itself while we wait for repayment, so you can carry on with your life as usual.

With adjustable payment agendas and the power to carry out loans of any size up to the fair trade value of the automobile used as collateral, title loans Sandy, UT are flexible, easy and convenient solutions to your short-term financial complications.

Other loan companies have made a bad name for themselves with poor customer relations and data management, which has discouraged people from conferring with lenders in times of financial crisis.

That stops here with Velocity Cash, the number one provider of car title loans in Utah. With a free title loan estimate calculator and a fine-grained interpersonal relations team, we’ve got you covered.

Applying for Title Loans Sandy, UT

You’re probably used to applications being long and are all too reminiscent of high school homework. We’re not going to waste your time — our applications are as simple as they come, asking only a few simple details about yourself and the vehicle in question. We’ll need:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number, so we can reach you at as soon as possible
  • Your ZIP code for location purposes
  • The make, model, and production year of the automobile you’re signing over the title for
  • The estimated mileage so we can calculate the market value

That’s it! Once submitted, just relax and wait while we give it a look-over and send you a call back when we’re ready to move things forward. We’ll give you a free quote and verify your identity and income status.

Ideally, you’ll want to provide evidence of steady income, but there are unusual cases where some applicants are still able to carry out title loans Sandy even if they’re unemployed.

Once the title has been signed over in our possession, we’ll send the cash pronto. Since most banks require 24 hours to complete deposit transactions, you should receive the money by the next day.

Legal Information for Your Protection

You have every reason to be skeptical about signing over the title to a vehicle you’ve worked hard to pay off. This is why we want to make you aware of the laws that protect your end of the deal.

After all, not just anyone can fire up a lending company of their own — they need to jump countless legal hoops to obtain a license that holds them to the law if they ever short-hand their clients.

The state of Utah mandates the following for all title loan agencies, including Velocity Cash:

  1. Fairness
    Annual interest meterage shall never exceed 10% under any circumstances or for any reason, except in special and rare cases where a court of law rules otherwise. Any distributor of title loans Sandy who is found in violation of this law is subject to charges and penalties of usury, and the lender will be forced to pay restitution.
  2. Integrity
    The terms and conditions of a title loan may not be adjusted, modified or appended to after the agreement has been signed by both parties. The window of time inside which compensation is expected shall not exceed 30 days, and no lender shall attempt to repossess the debtor’s vehicle unless the debtor has not repaid in full within 30 days after the end of the original time window.
  3. Honesty
    It is the duty and responsibility of the lender to ensure that the debtor is of reasonable willingness and capacity to compensate the lender for the amount both parties have agreed upon inside the given window of time. If the lender has been found to have misguided the debtor into an agreement that unreasonably exceeds their ability to repay the debt inside the original time span, the lender is liable for litigation.
  4. Regulation
    Title loan companies, among other types of short-term lending agencies, are strictly monitored and regulated under Utah law. This is in response to the amount of scamming and misrepresentation that loan companies had become known for. Loan companies are seldom given the benefit in the court of law, and when the debtor has compelling evidence for their case, the ruling typically favors punitive action against the lender.

The long and short of it is, the law has you covered!

Summary of Benefits

Title loans in Sandy, UT excel in every respect compared to their payday and cash advance counterparts. The only catch is, you need a lien-less title to a car, boat or motorcycle that’s been totally paid off and is legally registered to you.

Because not everyone can meet this requirement, the terms of eligibility elsewhere are relaxed, and the features provided by auto pawns are better than other loan types in their caliber.

The cool part is, Velocity Cash takes everything that makes Sandy, UT title loans great and makes them even better. Let’s review the upsides of title loans and why you should consider applying for one today.

  1. Title loans are easy! There’s no credit check. We require relatively little information about you to get the ball rolling. You’re a 30-second application away from being approved — it’s really that simple. Other loan agencies run you through a whole mill of interrogations, only to judge you based on your credit history in the end — and that’s even if you can prove that you’re fully capable of repaying the debt on time. Velocity Cash forgives that and provides a loan based on your actual ability to compensate them.
  2.  Title loans are quick! Once you’ve signed the title over to us, we waste no time getting the loan dropped in your account as soon as possible. Other loan companies can take upwards of a week or more to approve you and get the cash transferred, and not everyone has time to wait for that. But when carrying out a title loan, we get to say, “See those bills coming up in three days? You’ve got this.”
  3. Title loans are affordable! With industry-low overheads on the money you’re borrowing, Velocity Cash isn’t here to make your life more difficult. The whole reason you’ve come to us is because you’re struggling with bills to begin with, so why should we pile on the fees and interest rates to set you up for failure? We keep the numbers low so you can skip the extra tack-ons and focus on paying back what we gave you.

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