Title Loans Saratoga Springs, UT

There are several types of temporary loan solutions for you to choose from, but not just any loan will do in times of financial depression.

If you’re down in the dumps with bills, layoffs and other hardships in life, Velocity Cash is the number one company serving the number one type of loan for you.

Title loans in Saratoga Springs, UT require one thing and one thing only: the lien-less title to any motorized vehicle that you have legally claimed.

We take this as collateral while we await repayment for the loan, which you’ll receive in as little as 24 hours.

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What’s so great about taking out title loans Saratoga Springs, UT?

Other loan companies want to run credit checks and make you pass all kinds of tribulations just to stick exorbitant rates on a loan that takes a week or more to land in your account, but cash car title loans skip all that fuss.

Velocity Cash steps forward when bills have you falling back.

What about applying for Saratoga Springs, UT title loans?

Applying for title loans in Saratoga Springs is probably easier than putting on your shirt in the morning. Really, we just need your name and phone number, and then the basics about the type of vehicle you’re offering us, including estimated mileage.

This is all to help us judge the value of the vehicle, which determines the size of the loan you can carry out. Your name and number are, of course, needed to get in contact with you at our earliest convenience.

When we reach you, we’ll grace you with a free title loan quote and begin working out the details of your income and identification.

Then, we can swap our loan for your title, and the ball’s rolling. We don’t take your car away from you in any part of this process; the loan is the only thing we need, so no worries.

We also offer a title loan calculator to assist you in working out whether title loans Saratoga Springs, UT is the right choice for you. You can even get cash assistance while unemployed.

There have to be laws defending my side of all this, right?

We can’t just take your title and leave you with an empty promise — not that we would, but other loan companies have been known for unethical approaches to their line of work, which laws were created to combat in the state of Utah. Here, we list a few basic laws for your peace of mind.

  1. We have to keep your interest rate inside 10%. Exceeding this figure is called usury, which is a serious violation.
  2. We’re required by law to make sure your income suitably accommodates the size of the loan with respect to the repayment window both parties agree upon. If we don’t think you can pay it off, we can’t distribute the loan.
  3. We can’t modify any part of the loan terms after both parties have sealed their end of the agreement.
  4. The vehicle to which we hold the title can not be repossessed unless you have failed to pay us the requested amount within 30 days after the original loan term has ceded.

I think I’ll check it out!

Velocity Cash is no small fry! We don’t just serve Saratoga Springs, UT, as our services also extend to include the provision of car title loans in Orem, UT.

On top of that, we give you all of the best traits of title loans that our competition does, only we do it better.

  1. Super Easy
    Saratoga Springs, UT title loans have no credit check and are super quick to apply for.
  2. Blazing Fast
    You’ll see the money pop into your account in less than a day.
  3. Competitive Rates
    The whole reason you came to us in the first place is because you’re financially disadvantaged. Why should we make that harder on you?

Also, apply in Clinton and Spanish Fork, Utah.

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