Title Loans Tooele, UT

Title loans are what they are because they offer all kinds of benefits over their alternatives at only one cost: temporarily handing over the title of a motor vehicle you legally possess.

If there are no suspensions or liens on it, we’ll hold on to it while you take the loan and work to pay it back. The vehicle itself is still yours to use during this time.

Because of this requirement, we don’t look at your credit score when evaluating your eligibility.

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Why Choose Title Loans Tooele, UT?

What makes this so good is, title loans Tooele have always kept their rates lower than the likes of payday and cash advance deals, meaning that paying it back is much easier.

Velocity Cash likes to keep their rates even lower than other title loan companies, so it’s much like borrowing money from a friend who expects nothing more than a back-rub in return. (We are friends, right?)

Title loans in Tooele, UT waste no time getting the money to you as soon as the title has been transferred, having it in your account by the very next day. You can take out loans of any size, provided they’re within the value range of the vehicle you’re trading the title to.

Once compensated, you’ll get the loan back in its original form and function — no strings attached.

Applying for Tooele Title Loans

You figure, there has to be a catch, right? Nope — the application for fast cash online title loans is as quick and easy as the loan itself. Just drop us the following information about yourself:

  • A name you go by, your phone number for contact purposes, and the ZIP code of your residence
  • Model, make and year of your chosen vehicle, plus the estimated mileage for valuing purposes

We’ll touch back shortly with a free quote and handle some hoop-jumping for you to get your foot in the door.

Of course, you’ll need to prove your identification and show that you have a solid source of (honest) income so we know you can pay us back in the agreed-upon frame of time.

With a free car title loan calculator and warm customer service to boot, Velocity Cash aims to make the process of obtaining a title loan against your car convenient and hassle-free.

Law Information

Lending firms, including Velocity Cash, are held pretty close to some strict laws in response to scamming incidents as other loan companies tried to work their way around the system.

As a result, the law favors the client in most court battles against loan companies, provided the evidence is compelling enough. Here are a few laws that watch your back as you do business with us.

  1. We can’t misguide you. It’s our legal duty to ensure that the recipient of any loan we create has the willingness and ability to repay it within the first 30 days. If you believe you’ve been misguided, you may have a legal case.
  2. We can’t change the conditions. Once the ink is dry on the paper, it’s set in stone — we can’t touch it after that. There’s no “losing the paperwork” here, either. Additionally, we can’t raise interest rates higher than 10% at any point.
  3. Your car can’t be repossessed unless you haven’t paid up within 60 days of carrying out the loan.

Recap of Tooele, UT Title Loan Benefits

Our presence isn’t so limited, as we also offer car title loans in West Jordan. Living wherever you do in Utah, Velocity Cash is here to provide the following benefits and more:

  • Easy applying with bad credit
  • Next-day deposits
  • Seriously low interest rates (really!)
  • No-hassle customer service
  • Fair business and flexibility in payment management

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