Title Loans Washington, UT

If Washington is just a state, then title loans are just a loan, and Velocity cash is just a lender. See, it’s not that simple, is it?

Title loans in Washington, UT have the benefit of being far cheaper than payday and cash advance services, offering the lowest-cost interest rates in the industry and imposing minimal fees.

This allows you to focus more on paying back the loan itself, rather than the extra goodness other companies like to pile on top. In addition, cash loans on car titles have flexible payment schedules and allow you to take out loans against cars of any size you need.

Two of the last remaining buildings of Grafton, Utah, a ghost town south of Zion National Park (which you can see in the background). The schoolhouse was built in 1886, it was also used as a church and public meeting place.

Why Title Loans Washington, Utah?

The only requirement for taking out online title loans in Washington is that you provide us with the title to a motor vehicle that’s in your legal possession, which we hold on to as collateral until you’ve returned the payment.

You can keep your car during this time, so we’re not getting in the way of anything. When you receive the loan back, it’ll be just like it was before the loan ever happened — we promise.

Finally, title loans Washington have this awesome benefit of requiring zero credit checks, making them super easy to apply for.

Applying for Title Loans Washington, Utah

Our application process is much more streamlined than others, taking all of 30 seconds or less to simply fill out a few quick details about yourself and the motor vehicle you’re offering us the title to.

We only require your ZIP code, name and phone number, and then the make, model, year and rough mileage of your chosen vehicle.

Once you’ve sent it in, we’ll quickly review it and have a representative get back to you as soon as possible to provide a free title loan quote and get the ball rolling on the title transfer.


We also have a car title loan calculator you can check out, which may prove useful in deciding if our services are right for you.

When we call, you’ll need to provide us with proof of identification and income status, which will influence the maximum size of the loan you’ll be able to take out.

This limitation will also be affected by the market value of the automobile you’re offering, which is why we need those details.

Laws That Protect You

The bad news is, other loan companies over the years have made a habit of scamming their clients (which we happen to think is just plain wrong).

The good news is, this has led to the creation of laws in Utah that are designed to preclude the recurrence of these scams in the future. Here are a few laws for you to know about:

  1. All lending firms, including Velocity Cash, are required to officially license their employees by the government prior to performing work in their line of business. Betcha didn’t know that!
  2. All lending firms are required to keep their interest rates at 10% or below; going over this figure is a violation known as usury, which is a easy win for the client if they take the matter to court.
  3. Lending firms can’t repossess a debtor’s automobile unless the debtor has failed to pay the required amount within 30 days after the end of the original loan term.

Washington, UT Title Loans: Better than Cash Advance or Payday Loans

Our services are spread out across Utah, providing car title loans in St. George as well. We offer not just the same great benefits of title loans in Washington, UT as any other title loan agency, but we do it even better. Here’s a summary of those benefits again:

  • Easy application without a credit score requirement
  • Fast delivery of cash, arriving the next day
  • Inexpensive payment options with minimal fees and low-interest rates

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