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Is your financial situation keeping you awake at night? Would you like to put an end to harassing phone calls from bill collectors? Could you simply use some extra money to make things a bit easier?

If so, a title loan could be an easy way to ease your financial situation. By applying for title loans West Valley City residents do not need to be worried they will be turned down because they have a low credit score.

At Velocity Cash, we recognize that you could have credit problems due to any number of reasons. This is why we offer a fast and easy loan solution that is not dependent on your credit score.

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We will not even run a credit check when processing your loan application. Your vehicle title will serve as your loan collateral. We accept recreational vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, and cars as acceptable security.

We also understand that circumstances could change in the future and you might experience difficulty in paying back your loan. This is why we make it available to refinance your loan to create more affordable payments.

While paying back your loan, you do not have to be worried about giving up your transportation. As long as your loan payments are made in a timely manner, you will retain full use of your vehicle.

West Valley City, UT Title Loans – How to Apply

Are you facing an urgent financial situation and you are afraid that it will take too long to apply for a title loan? There is no need to be worried?

We offer a fast online application that allows you to enter all of the required information from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. In fact, most people can complete the application in just a few minutes.

To get started when applying for title loans in West Valley City, UT, residents will need to enter their name and a number where they can be reached. Other required information includes the make and model of the vehicle.

To finalize your loan, we will also need the number of miles on the vehicle. This information will allow us to estimate the amount of money you may be able to borrow.

A title loan estimate calculator can also be used to help you determine how much you might be able to borrow with your vehicle as collateral.

Legal Requirements for Title Loans West Valley City, UT

Car title loans in Utah do have some legal guidelines that must be met. When applying for title loans West Valley City residents must be able to demonstrate they are legally old enough to take out a title loan. The minimum age for taking out a title loan is 18.

You will only be able to take out a title loan on a vehicle for which you own. The vehicle must also have a clear title. There may not be any liens on the title. Be prepared to provide some form of identification as well as the ability to verify that you have a steady income source.

Since we are accepting your vehicle title as collateral for your loan, we will need to ensure you have some way of paying back your loan, such as:

  • Social Security
  • Disability benefits
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation payments

West Valley City Online Title Loan Features

Curious about how a title loan compares to other types of loans, such as a bank loan or a payday loan? Title loans West Valley City can provide a number of benefits compared to other lending options.

With cash loans on car titles, you have access to a fast and easy loan solution. Banks, by comparison, are usually not a quick lending source. The application process for a bank loan can often be extremely time-consuming.

If you are facing overdue bills or you have some other urgent financial need, it simply may take too long to apply for a bank loan. Banks often require a significant amount of documentation to process a loan request.

You must also meet stringent requirements to even be approved for a bank loan. This means that if you have any of the following situations, you may not be approved:

  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Low credit score
  • No established credit
  • Unemployed

None of these situations is a problem when applying for a West Valley City, UT title loan.

A title loan is also often a better choice than a payday loan. The biggest advantage of a title loan over a payday loan is the repayment period. When taking out a payday loan, you will usually be expected to pay back the loan when you receive your next paycheck, anywhere between one and four weeks.

The repayment period for a title loan is much longer. The amount of money you are able to borrow with a payday loan is also usually far more limited than with a title loan.

Are you concerned about detailing how the funds from your loan will be used? Perhaps you feel a bit embarrassed or it could be that you simply wish to keep your reasons to yourself.

When you put in an application for a loan at a bank, the lender will typically require you to provide a reason for the loan. If the bank does not think your reason is good enough, they could deny your loan application. We will not do this at Velocity Cash. You may spend the funds from your loan in any number of ways, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Home improvements
  • Getaway
  • Wedding expenses
  • Overdue bills
  • Graduation expenses
  • Auto repairs
  • College tuition
  • Large purchase
  • Special event

You could also use the funds for anything else you might wish.

Are you worried that we will not accept your vehicle for security for a title loan? We are very flexible. When applying for title loans West Valley City residents may use their car or truck or even your recreational vehicle or motorcycle as collateral for your loan.

The repayment process for a title loan is also convenient. Interest rates are extremely competitive, which leads to more affordable payments. Even so, we do recognize that circumstances can change in the future and you might find it challenging to make your loan payments.

We are here to help. Simply advise of your new situation and we will work with you to create more affordable payments by refinancing your loan.

We also understand that you might like to pay off your loan early. If you should decide to pay off your loan before the loan term expires, we will not charge any additional fees as a penalty for doing so.


Worried about paying an application fee and then being rejected for a loan? There is no need to be concerned. Unlike banks, we do not charge an application fee. You can apply online at any time without worrying about being charged.

We also recognize that in many situations, you do not have time to wait days for your loan to be funded. In most circumstances, we are able to disperse the funds from an approved loan in about 24 hours.

Financial problems can arise due to any number of reasons. From being laid off from your job to facing unexpected expenses, you can rely on us at Velocity Cash for the financial help you need during trying times.

Get Your West Valley City Title Loan Now

By applying for title loans in West Valley City, you can benefit from a fast and easy online application process that will provide you with quick access to cash. There is no need to be worried about your credit holding you back from being approved.

A regular source of income and a clear title to a vehicle is all you need. Stop worrying and begin the application process now. It only takes a few minutes and you could be approved for the money you need.

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