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Online car title loans allow you to use your vehicle as collateral to obtain a secured loan. Bad credit, no credit, no problem! We help people from all walks of life and pride ourselves in excellent customer service and consumer satisfaction. Our happy customers have left testimonials to give you peace of mind in knowing that you’ve made the right decision. Velocity Cash offers competitive rates and highest loan amounts that we can possibly give.

Get approved for fast cash with your vehicle title today! Velocity Cash is the best way to get the money you need with a hassle-free approval. We’ve made car title loans the easiest way for you to have the money that you need with a high approval rate and we give the most money for your vehicle than any other lender. We work faster than most of our competitors and can usually give you the money that you need within 24 hours. That’s why so many customers turn to us when they need money.

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Required Items That We’ll Ask For Upfront

Basic Contact Information

The Year of Your Vehicle

The Make, Model, & Style of Your Vehicle

How Many Miles Are On Your Vehicle

Give Yourself That Vacation That You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

There are no restrictions as to what you can use the money for. Most of our clients take out car title loans because they have an unexpected emergency, such as a home or car repair, or an unpaid utility bill, or maybe they just need some cash to get them by until their next payday. You can even give yourself that vacation that you’ve always dreamed of. What you do with the money is completely up to you!


Free & Clear Title

You must possess a title that is free and clear, meaning it cannot have any outstanding debts, judgments or liens against it. Your name must appear on the title and you must be of legal age; 18 or older.

Receive A Call

Once you submit your application with the necessary information, one of our representatives will call you at their earliest convenience to go over the application and determine the amount of loan that we can approve you for. Velocity Cash offer the most competitive car title loans so getting the most you need won’t be a problem.

Reach A Loan Amount

After we’ve reached a loan amount with you, we will set up a repayment plan and give you the funds that you need as quickly as possible. We have a fast approval rate and can give you the cash you need, usually within 24 hours or less.

Continue To Drive

You can continue driving your car like you normally do while you repay your car title loans, which means that Velocity Cash keeps you in your vehicle while giving you the money that you need.

Benefits of Car Title Loans

Velocity Cash will never run your credit when you apply for car title loans. This is attractive to those who are trying to repair their credit, those who are trying to maintain a certain credit score, and to those who have bad credit.

Credit inquiries have an impact on your credit score, and we’re here to help you, not to hurt you. This is especially helpful if you have bad credit because we’ll give you the second chance that you deserve. We know all too well how fast hard times can fall upon us. Let us be your breath of fresh air.

Since you don’t have to worry about a background or credit history check, it’s less hurdles that you have to jump over to get the money you need. Car title loans are collateral loans, which means that your word and signature are good enough to be approved.

At Velocity Cash, we also won’t report to your credit that you’ve applied for a loan with us. Nobody but us has to know that you took out a loan, which means you don’t have to worry about the amount or length of the loan affecting your credit score. Our loans are confidential, and we have many repeat customers who can attest to that.

And since you can keep driving your car, even while you have a loan against it with us, you don’t have to worry about transportation. We know that life goes on and understand the need to keep your vehicle.

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