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How to Lease a Car with Bad Credit

Everyone needs a set of wheels to get from point A to point B, but you’re savvier than most. You know better than to fall for the first deal offered. You believe in research, planning and wise decision-making.

You know good credit is important for not only buying a vehicle, but for many other aspects of your financial life. But if your credit isn’t quite up to par, there are still plenty of vehicle-purchasing opportunities for you.

And don’t forget about lease options. Can you lease a car with bad credit? You bet!

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How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

Everybody wants to save money, and auto insurance is a great place to start.

The dynamic nature of the policies means that you can take control of what you need and how much you’re paying for it, but the last thing any driver wants is to give up necessary coverage that could cost them more than it saves.

You can save on your insurance without compromising on quality of coverage, though, and you can do it in a way that you’ll be sure fits your needs.


Well, you get to decide where your insurance is working best for you, and make your choices from there.

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How Your Personal Finances Affect Your Mood

If you’re anything like me (human), your moods fluctuate in ways that you can’t always control. I know that I get excited when I know a big paycheck is coming – I’ve even been caught singing a little too loud with a new check in my pocket on my walk home.

Other times, I feel pressure from an upcoming payment, and I find myself trudging harder through life than I need to. If your moods are affected by your finances like mine are, this article should help you understand what’s going on in your brain and control your cash flow with a renewed sense of ease.

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How to Get Cash When You Have Bad Credit

If you’ve been downsized or laid off, if you’re still weathering the effects from a sluggish economy and your credit has taken a hit, there are still opportunities for you to get cash when you need it.

Normally, having poor or no credit can hinder you from getting a loan or credit card.

6 Money Stressors to Eliminate From Your Life

Between juggling work, family and other obligations, your days might be hectic and stressful. But if you can eliminate some of the anxieties you face on a daily basis, you’re moving in the right direction.

Unfortunately, getting rid of stress is much easier said than done β€” especially when it comes to financial stress. Of every potential stressor in our lives, money tops the list.

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Up Your Car’s Value Before Getting a Title Loan

One of the main reasons title loans are popular is for their reputation of funding loans in a hurry, usually in a day or less. Borrowers who find themselves in a financial pickle can complete the application and pick up their check thanks to a streamlined process.

However, maybe it’s time to look at title loans through a different lens. Maybe your back isn’t against the wall because the roof-is-leaking-I’ve-been-laid-off-the-refrigerator-broke-and-tutition-is-due.

Maybe you have a bigger plan and want to maximize the financial opportunity of your auto title loan.

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Bad Money Habits That Might Be Keeping You from Getting Rich

Many of us do not make enough money to have our own personal financial adviser. These men and women help individuals with investment opportunities and help to manage their money. Without help from an outside party, we tend to develop bad money habits.

These habits can actually prevent us from getting rich, or at the very least, keep us from building an adequate savings. Here is a list of bad money habits you might be exhibiting, day to day.

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How to Budget While Living on a Fixed Income for Seniors

Following a budget can be difficult – unplanned expenses crop up: Maybe the weather is hotter/colder than usual; perhaps your car needs new tires. And it’s tough to always tell yourself β€œno” when it comes to entertainment or an occasional splurge.

But nowhere are these problems more tricky as when you’re living on a fixed income.

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