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Could Dallas Unseat New York City as The Global Financial Capital?

New York City has been the financial center of the United States since the nation’s founding. However, the 21st century economy has challenged the city’s long-time dominance. New urban centers are rising up and taking a larger percentage of the country’s financial transactions.

One particular upstart is Dallas. As the second largest city in Texas, Dallas is a center of intellectual and economic activity for the southern part of the country.


Peer-to-Peer Car Sales App Expands into Texas

Technology has made many tasks far easier than they used to be. When you need a ride, you can use a rideshare app instead of looking for a taxi. Instead of printing out your boarding pass before you go to the airport, you can have it sent directly to your phone.

But one task that hasn’t changed much is buying or selling a car. Although many sites let you list your car online, that doesn’t alter the buying or selling process much.

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How Texas Lenders Decide Your Auto Loan Rate

If you are on the market to buy a new or used vehicle and you need financing, you’re going to want to have a good idea of what a good auto loan rate is for you. Lenders determine auto loan rates based on a variety of factors unique to the individual buyer. You need to shop around to get the best rate, but you also need to know how to evaluate different offers.

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Innovate To Service Subprime Portfolio Worth Millions

Innovate is an auto finance dealer based in the United States. They are a company who specializes in purchasing and servicing portfolios of vehicle loans from every state. They have currently went through some changes and are now going to be retained by an investment firm that works with many different countries.

They are being retained to source more than $50 million dollars worth of auto loan portfolios that are subprime. A representative of the company confirmed this information last week.

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Is Finance The Next Big Money-Maker In Texas?

When oil prices steadily collapsed back in 2014, many feared for the state of Texas’ economy. This is the story that many economists have been talking about for months on end lately. During the 1980s, a similar issue took place that rocked the local economy as well.

The banks were shuttered, many businesses began to crumble and the whole state of Texas was going down the drain.