Installment Loans in Idaho

Whether you are a homeowner, a young adult, self-employed or retired, there may come a time where you could benefit from installment loans in Idaho. Most folks try to budget their money carefully to cover regular monthly bills.

However, there comes a time where you may be blindsided by an unanticipated medical bill, car repairs, or a job change.

When these kinds of situations occur, you might want to check into personal loans in Idaho. Installment loans come with a lot of features that you just don’t get with other types of loans.

idaho stateFor example, you can choose to repay your loan fast if desired, or you can also spread payments out over time to make it easier to make your payments. Velocity Cash won’t take weeks to pay out your loan.

Instead, you can look forward to instant cash in about 24 hours or less. This can make a huge difference to customers when dealing with emergencies.

Easy to Get a Loan

Loan funds can be used for anything the applicant wishes, and the purpose for the loan never needs to be disclosed.

Getting an online installment loan is designed to be stress free, so you can focus on more important matters.

Applying for Personal Loans Idaho

Minimum Requirements for Loan Consideration

New customers will need to provide the following items during the initial application process:

  1. The name of your bank, your checking account number and the bank routing number.
  2. Documentation showing your monthly income, employment, a W2 form, paycheck stub, Social Security benefits or other documentation letters stating income.
  3. A government issued ID with a photo such as a passport or your driver’s license to confirm your identity and age. Idaho requires borrowers to be a minimum of 18.
  4. A rental or lease agreement or a utility bill to verify your address to meet residency requirements.

Completing an Application Form for a Loan Estimate

Using our online application is simple. The application form only requires the following information:

  • You average monthly income.
  • The full name of the applicant.
  • The zip code for your home address.
  • An email address and telephone number to stay in contact.

A Velocity Cash representative will contact you via phone to clarify your interest in installment loans Idaho and provide a free installment loan estimate.

We’ll provide additional information about the process and help you to select a repayment plan based on your income.

Learning About the Benefits & Advantages of Idaho Installment Loans

  • Written contracts confirm loan terms.
  • Loan closings are easily completed at local store locations for customer convenience.
  • Customers are never required to reveal the purpose for their loans.
  • Borrowers enjoy the freedom to pay down high-interest accounts, take vacations, buy new cars or anything they want.
  • Competitive rates and larger loan amounts provide flexibility for the borrower.

Why You Should Choose Velocity Cash

Hassle free loan approvals for Idaho installment loans. We take the extra time to evaluate each individual, their work history, how they handle money and whether they would make a good candidate for an Idaho installment loan.

We’re proud to be able to offer borrowers competitive interest rates to keep costs down and make payments affordable.

We are able to qualify a lot more people without requiring collateral on Idaho personal loans.

Apply Online

Fortunately, customers can enjoy longer loan terms, which allow us to provide larger loan offers.

Our goal is to fund all approved loans within 24 hours of application submissions.

Get the cash, professional services and great rates all in one package with installment loans in Idaho today.

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