Car Title Loan Requirements

Are you facing an urgent need for cash? Do you own a car?

With a steady source of income and valid government-issued identification, you can get a quick loan. You can apply online for a loan using your car as collateral if your vehicle documents are accurate and up to date. Let us see how.

Requirements to Get a Car Title Loan

  • Proof you own the car, it is fully paid off, and the title has no liens
  • Up-to-date government-issued driver’s license or state ID
  • Reliable way of contacting you
  • Proof of income (from a job, unemployment, or other source of income)

You Need to Get a Title Loan Using Your Car’s Value

Getting a loan using your car as collateral is a straightforward and simple process. Once you meet the basic requirements, processing your loan will only take a short time. You need to have the following car title loan requirements and documents for approval of your loan.

Car Title Loan Requirements


Proof of Full Ownership of the Car

The car title in your name is the proof that you are the sole owner of the vehicle. Proof that the car is fully paid off is also a requirement. Additionally, the car title must not be collateral against any other loan.

Reliable Means of Contacting You

You can do your car title loan application over the internet on our website for free. Then a loan representative will get in touch with you. So, you will need to have a reliable phone to receive calls for guidance on the rest of the loan application process.

Up-to-Date and Valid Driver’s License

The loan company will require a copy of your driver’s license or state ID before giving you the car title loan. Your form of ID must be valid and up to date. Expired IDs are not accepted.

Proof of a Steady Source of Income

The loan provider needs assurance that you can repay the loan. Therefore, you must prove that you have a stable source of income. This can be pay-stubs from your job, unemployment paychecks, etc. You can talk to the lender to explore other income alternatives available.

Vehicle Registration and Insurance Documents

You will be getting a personal loan against your vehicle. It is, therefore, necessary to prove that the car registration is in your name. The car must also have a valid insurance plan. Both the insurance and registration details must be up to date.

Hand Over the Car Title

You will not hand over your car to the loan company. Your vehicle will remain in your possession to drive during the time you will be repaying your loan. But the possession of documents will have to stay with the loan company.

Personal Identification Documents

As with all types of loans, you will provide the lending company with your official Government Issue identification documents.

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Do You Need a Perfect Credit Score to Get a Car Title Loan?

A less than perfect credit history is not a reason that will lead to disapproval of your application of a loan against your car. Once you meet the car title loan requirements mentioned above, you should qualify to receive your cash loan.

$$$ Get Your Money $$$

Getting a loan against your car title is one way you can get out of your financial troubles. You only need to provide a few documents and have a regular source of cash.

Don’t allow financial troubles to give you a headache or stress. Just be sure to understand the requirements and apply online for a short-term loan using your car as collateral now!

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