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Do you need cash fast? Unexpected bills to pay? Unless you have a bit of cash stashed away to deal with these unforeseen costs, you could be in a tough spot.

Your best bet is to get the money you need now to put these bills behind you.

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A lot of folks get cash with a title loan company that offers quick and easy loans online.

These are alternative loans with short-terms that pay out exceptionally fast. Ideally, they are well suited for little emergencies, but you can actually use the money for anything you like.

Your best bet is to get the cash you need now to put these bills behind you. Many people get cash with online car title loans.

These are alternative loans with short-terms that pay out exceptionally fast. Ideally, they are well suited for little emergencies, but you can actually use the money for anything you like.

How Do Online Title Loans Work?

You can obtain car title loans when you give the title of the vehicle, such as the car, truck, or motorcycle, to the lender as collateral. The person borrowing cash is then given a time period to repay the loan.

The application process is short and easy. If you own a vehicle, which is paid in full, you could be on your way to qualifying. Learn more about the process and the benefits you can look forward to with title loans online.

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Looking at the Title Loan Process and How It Works

  • The title loan process begins when you submit a loan application. It is free to apply whenever you need financial help. An application only takes a few minutes of your time to complete.
  • Shortly after applying, we will review your application and send out an instant online loan quote.
  • A financial consultant will get in touch with you to discuss title loans. He or she will explain our loan process, so you’ll know what to expect. The consultant will verify you have a source of income and ask you about your loan preferences. You’ll be provided with repayment options and recommendations based on your needs and monthly income.
  • Once you are approved for a loan, you will be asked by the car title lender to meet a financial consultant at a loan store near you to complete the legal aspects of the loan and receive your loan funds.


The Convenience of Fast Online Car Title Loans

There is no doubt about it, we all want convenience these days. With longer work hours, family time and long commutes; nobody wants to spend a huge amount of their valuable time and gas to fill out a complicated application form across town.

Thanks to the internet, Velocity Cash can offer an online application form that’s available every day of the week. You decide when you’re ready and can apply when it’s convenient.

Requirements to Apply for Quick Cash

We can’t say for certain but we are pretty sure, there is no comparison to our loan requirements and a traditional bank. Most banks seem to have a long list of requirements and restrictions when it comes to granting traditional loans.

We’ve analyzed the requirements and narrowed them down to the bare minimum to provide a hassle free loan process. Listed below are the requirements needed for car title loans completely online:

  • A working vehicle. Acceptable vehicles can include motorcycles, cars, SUVs, RVs and trucks.
  • Proof that you carry auto insurance.
  • The car title with your name on it. To process car title loans online, the title must be free of liens, judgments or any other outstanding debts.
  • A source of income for making auto title loan payments.

Easily Apply Online With Velocity Cash

Applying online is so easy, fast and secure; you’ll wonder why it took you so long to apply.

Any information supplied in the online application is secured, and you’ll probably have the whole form completed in five minutes or less. Listed below is the information you’ll need to complete the form:

  • Your full name, a phone number where we can talk about title loans, home zip code and an email address if you have one.
  • Information about your car, so we can determine the value to make you a generous loan offer. We’ll need the mileage, the year it was made and the model, make and the vehicle’s body style.

Upfront Title Loan Estimates for Every Client

If you have ever previously applied for a loan, you probably recall waiting for some time to learn whether you were approved or how much money you were going to get. Well, we don’t feel that’s the right way to treat customers.

To ensure a stress free experience, we generate upfront quotes based on your vehicle’s information supplied in the application with our title loan calculator.

It is not a solid offer, but it should reduce your stress, and it also gives you some idea of how much money you could look forward to. In case you were wondering, a credit check is never required to get your free online loan quote.

When Is the Best Time to Get Title Loans?

The best time to get a loan may be when you are stressing over finances or need to make some serious financial improvements. Title loan funds can be used to pay for anything like paying off bill collectors, catching up on overdue payments, covering unexpected bills or paying for costly repairs around the home.

Potential Risks of Title Loans

Most people take on a certain amount of risks in their daily lives. However, knowing in advance about a certain risk allows you to plan for or avoid the risk all together. When taking out a vehicle title loan, you are pledging your vehicle as collateral against the loan.

This means that if you cannot make your payments as agreed upon in the contract, you run the risk of having your car sold to repay the debt.

Managing Your Money

However, since you already know this is a possibility, you’ll think very carefully about your income and ability to make payments. If you should run into problems making payments later, we can usually adjust the payment amount for you or roll the loan over to give you more time to pay off the debt.


How Title Loans Amounts are Determined

Overall, we look at four conditions to come up with the largest possible loan offer for clients.

  1. We look at the overall condition of the vehicle to be used as collateral. This can include the age of the vehicle, mileage, care and if the vehicle was ever involved in an accident. Normally, newer vehicles with less wear and tear command higher loan offers.
  2. The information supplied in your application is checked against the Kelly Blue Book database to determine the current value. In most instances, the borrower could stand to receive about 75 percent of the car’s value.
  3. State vehicle title loan regulations may also have some bearing on loan limits.
  4. Lastly, we must also consider the amount of money you have available for making payments when determining loan offers.

Customer Benefits of Title Loans

  • Easy speedy payouts. Our smooth, hassle free process for title loans online allows us to process loans quickly, so they are always funded within one business day of receiving applications.
  • Nearby loan stores and companies. Even though the majority of our transactions are handled online, customers like the idea of local loan stores where they can meet with us in person to clarify questions, fill out applications or pay off loans from the company.
  • Quick cash for any purpose. Fortunately, auto title loans don’t make you state the purpose for your loan like some bank loans do. There is no need to explain why you want a loan, and you are free to spend the cash anyway you want to.
  • Loan approval and your credit. Applicants may qualify to get online title loans even if their credit isn’t the best. The vehicles are used as collateral to secure the loan.
  • Free applications. Velocity Cash never charges any fees to apply online.
  • Continued use of your car. As long as you keep up your payments, you will have full use of your vehicle.
  • Generous loan amounts. As an added benefit for securing your loan, you can look forward to a good-sized loan amount, which most unsecured loans can’t offer.
  • No Vehicle inspections. In most instances, you can get online title loans with no inspection. In rare cases, it may be necessary to complete a quick vehicle inspection just to make sure the vehicle is in line with the loan offer.
  • Contracts to legalize the loan agreement. For the most part, car title loans can be started completely online, but you will have to come to a local store to read your contract, drop off you hard copy of your car title and collect your cash.

Get Auto Title Loans Online

To protect borrowers, state car title loan regulations stipulate that the terms of the online title loan must be defined in a written contract. You can apply with good or bad credit. Many people have been approved with bad credit. Contracts will normally include:

  1. Any special agreements.
  2. Applicable loan fees.
  3. The amount of money you are borrowing.
  4. An interest rate approved by the borrower and lender.
  5. The cost for the interest.
  6. When the loan comes due.
  7. A convenient repayment schedule.
  8. An explanation of what could happen when a borrower is unable to make their loan payments.

If you’re looking for higher payouts, good interest rates, a simple application and fast cash, check out online title loans today from a leading title loan company, Velocity Cash.

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